Les Marseillais, Les Anges, Secret Story… A look back at the most significant departures from these shows

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What are the departures that have marked reality TV the most? We invite you to discover it in pictures!

Departures are often great television moments! They cause sadness, anger and are sometimes the source of a feeling of injustice. In any case, they never leave indifferent. The editorial staff of melty has sorted it out for you, and has selected the most significant departure sequences from all broadcasts. On the program Eddy, Kellyn or even Maëva Ghennam who is also in worse shape since the filming of Marseilles because of Greg, and many others who took unforgettable bows. So be careful, get ready, we’ll dive you into the past for a nostalgia session with videos rich in emotions!

The Marseillais vs the rest of the world 5: The departure of Maëva Ghennam

So that was really unexpected! This elimination marked the spirits, and sowed the discord between the candidate and Greg who put his name in the ballot box despite the fact that he always told him that he was not capable of it. Maeva Ghennam, who has a great temper, KINDLY let him know that she would not forget this betrayal. The sequence also made Internet users laugh a lot because of the very solemn way in which Catalia pronounced “finito pipo”, Bebew’s signature expression!

The Princes and Princesses of Love 4: Kellyn’s Departure

One of the rare times in the history of TV where we hear a candidate challenge the producer in front of the cameras. If not the only one! As you see in the video above, Kellyn shouts: “Ludo, I’m getting out of this shoot! “. Remember, Bastos had revealed details about their intimacy in front of the cameras without the consent of the young woman concerned, which pissed her off (and we understand her!). Finally, she had to leave the adventure for lack of sincerity…Bastos, he stayed…

Angels 8: Nehuda’s Departure

Les Marseillais Les Anges Secret Story A look back at

Ouch… Blow for Ricardo! The departure of Nehuda in Angels 8 also signed the end of their story (at least that’s what everyone thought at the time of the broadcast). Given the dry way with which the young woman addressed the one she considered her ex-boyfriend, one would have thought that they would never get back together. Besides, Ricardo is not the only person that the departure of Nehuda has affected, we see that Sarah Fraisou was also saddened by the decision of her friend.

Secret Story 7: Eddy’s Departure

Les Marseillais Les Anges Secret Story A look back at

This is definitely one of the most emotional scenes in reality TV history! We have tears in our eyes when we see this intense sequence, which formalizes the departure of Eddy. On the images, we see that Anaïs Camizuli is clearly devastated by this news. At the same time, the young man was really the pillar of his adventure, and a dear friend to his heart. Years later, the two candidates of Secret Story 7 are still great friends!

The Villa of Broken Hearts 2: The departure of Fiji and Florian

Les Marseillais Les Anges Secret Story A look back at

In the video above, we see Florian clearly freaking out! We can think what we want of the exclusion of these two candidates, at the editorial office of melty, we find this decision unfounded. This verdict is still painful to see because a majority of candidates have judged without proof two other participants, alone and against all. For once, Lucie lacked impartiality. Yes The Villa of Broken Hearts is a program that is good, departures are sometimes unjustified. We think in particular of the departure of Maddy, as well as that of Giuseppa during the last season, who was wrongly accused of seeing someone outside and left the adventure.

The Marseillais and the Ch’tis VS the Rest of the World: The departure of Manon Marsault

Les Marseillais Les Anges Secret Story A look back at

A moment of the cross that we will not forget! In the video, we see Manon Marsault being eliminated and betrayed by the rest of her family. However, she had an alliance since the beginning of the adventure but her comrades flouted her. Julien Tanti, who was already spinning the great love with the young woman at the time, informed the members of the Rest of the world that he was very annoyed by this departure. Remember, the latter even wanted to leave the adventure to follow his girlfriend.

So meltynauts, do you have tears in your eyes? Or on the contrary, these images annoyed you? In any case, you can tell us what you thought of this retrospective in the comments. If you want to continue your nostalgia session, know that we also made you a small top of the most beautiful friendships that you saw born on the screen!

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Les Marseillais, Les Anges, Secret Story… A look back at the most significant departures from these shows

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