Learn about esotericism with these 5 essential products

Magic, astrology, spiritualism: they all come from a strange conception of the universe that would be struggling with occult forces. To learn more, nothing beats a introduction to esotericism using 5 unique objects!

To better understand the goal pursued by the universe and your destiny is the whole goal of an initiation to esotericism. It allows you to apprehend differently the events that occur in your life. This introduction can be done using specific objects or products. They help you open strange doors and eventually get to know you better.

1 – The Oui-Ja board: a way to get in touch with the other world

Spiritism is one of the fundamental esoteric practices. It has been run for millennia. Victor Hugo practiced it assiduously. What is Spiritualism? it’s about the communication with spirits and the dead. This discipline assumes that the dead, demons and angels coexist with men, but in different dimensions. It is possible to communicate with the spirits if you have the right tool: a Ouija board.

On this board are inscribed numbers and the letters of the alphabet. The medium, who directs the seance, goes reveal the message that a spirit transmits to him by traversing the board with a cabochon which will designate letters and numbers.

You can learn about this ancestral discipline thanks to a box, such as the Box of the spiritualism of Marie Delclosand reveal your occult powers!

The box of Oui-Ja spiritualism. Price: 22€ Fnac

2 – The dowsing pendulum: a mysterious and ancient guide

Archaeologists have unearthed many clocks from ancient tombs. This object is deeply esoteric. He picks up vibrations and can detect water, ore, the path followed by game or a magical place.

With the hands, the pendulum is themagnetizer’s favorite tool. It amplifies their perception and makes the invisible visible. It is for this reason that many therapists use a dowsing pendulum during their energy healing. A good introduction to esotericism cannot do without a pendulum!

This object can also be used as a decoration, because it is elegant. In stone, crystal or metal, each can only be used for a well-defined action. To find the one that suits you, do not hesitate to test several of those offered.

Divinatory pendulum in amethyst. Price: 14€ Etsy

3 – The tarot: a divinatory game for a good initiation into esotericism

Cartomancy is an esoteric discipline inherited from Indian, Egyptian or Chinese folklore. This discipline crossed Europe from the Middle Ages. She is recognized as a great way to communicate with his unconscious or occult forces.

The tarot deck is composed of symbolic blades which allow, during the draw, to define what the consultant must do to achieve his goals. The most famous tarot is the Tarot de Marseille., but today there are many variations of this card game. Oracle, cabinet, you can now initiate yourself very easily. The proof is with the Witches’ Wisdom Tarot. Find out!

Witch Tarot. Price: 28€ Fnac

4 – A witch’s grimoire: learn about the forces of white magic

White magic helps to attract positive influences into your life. It is above all a matter of channeling, through rituals, the energies of the universe and to make them go in the right direction in order to bring harmony in your existence.

For an in-depth introduction to esotericism, practice wicca magick is a great idea. Through simple rituals, herbal potions, good knowledge of the lunar calendarsome prayers and magic gestures, your life can gradually become better.

If you want to know a little more, take a look at the Grimoire of Beneficial Spells and Enchantments by Minerva Tramunt on White Magic.

White magic, the spell book of beneficial spells and enchantments. Price: €15.90 Fnac

5 – Candles: an essential part of esoteric practice

Perfumes occupy a special place in esoteric practice. Some were even, at one time, so precious that they had more valuable than gold, like incense. To capture the scent of these rare perfumesthe followers of esotericism liked to enclose them in candles in order to mix them with the light and to reinforce their action.

Some scented candles soothe the soul and promote concentration, an essential element of good esoteric practice. This is particularly the case of the Incense 9 candle from LE LABOto light for a moment of spiritual relaxation.

Incense 9 candle by Le Labo. Price: 68€ Spring / The Lab

A good initiation to esotericism allows you to live your life better. You become aware of your strengths and your value. You walk quietly discovering yourself. Embark on the path of magic!

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Learn about esotericism with these 5 essential products

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