Koh-Lanta: Freddy becomes a dad for the first time in his life!

The big family of Koh-Lanta has just welcomed a new member. Indeed, Freddy became a dad for the first time.

Freddy, emblematic candidate of Koh-Lanta has just announced great news. This last became the father of a little boy. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

The candidates of Koh-Lanta engage

It’s no secret that some candidates from Koh-Lanta have become over time emblematic figures of the program. Indeed, the latter have made an impression and today have a large number of subscribers on social networks. Yes, just that!

This is the case for example of Alexandra, winner of the Koh-Lanta the 4 lands. The young woman was then distinguished by his unfailing performance and determination. Today, the latter has resumed the course of her life and does not hesitate to share her daily life on the Web.

Moreover, the latter often takes the floor to tell her misadventures. mother of two little girls, he sometimes gets scared.

For her part, Clémence Castel has also marked the history of Koh-Lanta. The only double winner of the show is a huge success. She continues to share her life today. Moreover, the young woman does not forget to open the door of her private life and returns to intimate subjects. She mentions, for example, her health concerns but also the difficulties she encountered during her coming out.

But if there is one candidate who has marked the history of Koh-Lanta, it is Freddy. Very popular with viewers, the latter caused a sensation on social networks. Today he shares great news. In effect, the young man became a father for the first time. MCE TV tells you more!

Freddy becomes the father of a little boy

For 20 years now, Koh-Lanta has caused a sensation on TF1. Many candidates have taken turns on the island and the family is getting bigger and bigger. Thereby, many babies have been born. Starting with Juliann and Adriann, the two children of Jesta and Benoît.

But today, it is the turn of another candidate from Koh-Lanta to become a parent. In effect, Freddy just welcomed his first child. Happy father of a little boy, he shares his great happiness on the Web.

Indeed, this June 16, 2022, little Noah has pointed the tip of his nose. On his Instagram account, the young dad shared a snapshot of his son. He did not forget to underline: Too much love today for my little Noah. I am the happiest of dads”

In the comments, candidates from Koh-Lanta congratulated her. Claude said: This role will suit you champ! Congratulation “. For her part, Cindy confessed: ” I know that you are going to be a great dad ! Take good care of your son and your wife. Lots of happiness to you. Welcome Noah » It would therefore seem that everyone is in heaven when they discover the little face of the newborn.

One thing is certain, the candidates of Koh-Lanta have not finished reacting to the Web. But after Freddy, who will be the next to welcome a child? Internet users just have to be ready. To be continued.

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Koh-Lanta: Freddy becomes a dad for the first time in his life!

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