Kelly Helard sublime: she reveals her weight loss of 20 kg in a swimsuit and reframes the haters

Kelly Helard became known to the general public by participating in the reality show The Ch’tis in Ibiza in 2011. Then she took a break for several years. Now, she has made her comeback on the screens with her family on the show Moms & Famous on the chain TFX. She is married to Neymar, whose real name is Salim Abdelkade, and they have two children together. The young woman has changed a lot lately. Indeed, she has metamorphosed and lost 20 kilos. On his account instagramshe is thrilled to show off her perfect new plastic!

Kelly Helard: discover her new silhouette with – 20 kg!

Basically, Kelly Helard was a go-go dancer before discovering reality TV. When she arrives in the program of Ch’tis, she comes to join her companion Christopher, another candidate of the show. She has a strong temperament and generates several controversies in the cast. Thus, it marks the spirits and quickly becomes essential. In view of her success, she goes on shows like The Angels of reality TV, Moundir and the Apprentice Adventurers or Holidays of the Angels 2. Their relationship will end after three years.

In 2013, Kelly Helard is a columnist for The Magazine of NRJ12. Then she turns to the p*rn*graphic world. At first, she was an actress, then she became a presenter for Hot Video. Of course, she also became an influencer on social networks. After her love affair with Christopher, she crosses paths with Neymar, another reality TV candidate from La Belle and her almost charming princes. They said “yes” to life on January 26, 2015. Then Lyam was born on November 3, 2015 and Lyana was born on December 27, 2020. You can find the whole little tribe in the program of TFX, Moms and famous.

His big comeback after a break of several years!

After several experiences and adventures, Kelly Helard seems to have found her balance. She is a fulfilled woman, married and fulfilled mother of two children. Fans are excited to follow her family routine on the channel TFX. Everything is going great for the couple. They got married for the first time in Las Vegas and even want to officially remarry in France. Is this the reason for his impressive change in silhouette?

Mind-blowing physical change for Kelly Helard

A few weeks ago, the young woman was delighted to talk about her great weight loss. She even shared with her subscribers photos before and after her slimming. Moreover, the former reality TV candidate released a book on June 15 called Kelly Helard – All for my weight!“. Today the star of Moms & Famous achieved its goals. We have published several pictures in this article where she appears in a swimsuit. We can’t ignore that she lost a lot of weight… The scale shows – 20 kilos! Certainly, the result of a long work and sacrifices!

Are the photos retouched? His answer !

One thing is certain, she is proud and she shows it! But, when we are happy, there are always malicious people to bring us down from our little cloud. Indeed, some Internet users have insinuated that she had retouched the photos… A common practice on the Web. But, in his case, it is totally false. Kelly Helard denies the criticism. ” Stop always saying ‘retouched’. The jersey helps, as does the position. But you’re still looking for the bad while I’m against retouching“, she published in a story instagram.

Kelly Helard continues: I am not perfect in fact, you prefer that I post my faults which, by the way, I am proud of, because a year ago, it was not two cellulite holes that I had, but 20 or more. Not to mention my stretch marks”. Today, she assumes herself as she is!

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Kelly Helard sublime: she reveals her weight loss of 20 kg in a swimsuit and reframes the haters

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