JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle – Breathtaking?

The Joestar family is back to school!

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is an ultra well-known and striking manga. The poses, the characters, the heightened side of everything give JoJo and his friends an unforgettable atmosphere. A bit like fashion stars, glam rock stars and Bowie fans challenging each other to a big caning! It’s very simple, even when you don’t necessarily follow the manga or all the manga, JoJo’s name is known. For latecomers, Netflix has even put the episodes on its platform and it brightens up my lunch breaks! In short, JoJo is a superstar and he therefore has the right to his video game adaptations. The one I’m going to talk about might mean something to you: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle.

mirror mirror!

This game was first released in 2013 in Japan before arriving in the rest of the world in 2014. Only the game, despite all its qualities, did not reach everyone because it was limited to the Sony console. In 2022, a version is also coming to Xbox and we at least have the right to all the characters and some more ergonomic functions, better done as in the campaign mode.

Thus, more than 40 characters in 12 stages will fuck each other. We find the tenors of the Joestar family but also the infamous Dio or the endearing Speedwagon (well what, we have the right to appreciate the second knives). And when we say that, we see that we can have fun from the start with everyone. Good news but what do we have to do in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle?

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Sudoku grid technique!

We find a “campaign” mode in which we redo the cult fights of the manga and that does not drag out in length. Two sentences and we hit each other. This mode is not so easy because to do everything, it will be necessary to struggle with gratin fights. Me who was in “easy” mode, I took a lot against Dio in the first chapter. But it’s a fun mode that does get some bonus costumes for fans. The arcade mode is more classic with its “normal” mode and its survival mode. In normal, 8 fights and “packed, it’s weighed”. Effective once again. Then there are the versus and training modes. Note that the versus mode has a tournament mode for evenings with friends.

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Sober and discreet!

The game is therefore quite complete for a fighting game and fans will be able to unlock a lot of stuff like visuals, phrases, etc. It’s not more crazy than that for other players but it has the merit of existing. On the other hand, what interests everyone: is this game worth the detour after 2014?

We have a fighting game in 3D spirit where we can move in 3D thanks to the dodge button. So it’s not as fluid as Tekken or Soul Calibur. That’s why oftentimes combat is approached more like a 2D game with a hint of 3D. But that special thing aside, we have a super responsive game. Like games like DB FighterZ that immerse us in the atmosphere of combat, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle gives us the potato while respecting the series. Combo madness, special attacks and also attitudes and poses that are always in exaggeration. Special mention to the “taunt” which takes all its flavor on an enemy on the ground and where we will see his crestfallen look (and the loss of a power gauge).

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The hardest part is putting on the jacket!

The fights are easy to pick up and reminded me of the last KOF in his mind with the automatic “fufu” combos of the X key. The fights are therefore rhythmic and we quickly get into the action. On the other hand, easy to understand, hard to master because the game is full of little tricks for fans of fighting games: mastering the moves, powers and style of each character. The basic manipulations may be the same, but the execution and the effects will differ from one character to another. Some will have a mount, others will have bullets, others still have their shots that change according to their posture, in short, there is plenty to do and fun to have on several characters.

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Who called me donut face?

This is good because the fights can also be done in teams. Visually, it’s faithful to JoJo and the game has aged well except… for the sets which have taken a bit of a dated look overall and which aren’t great. For the rest, I said, it’s catchy and the gameplay has it under the elbow. As it is older, it will be less fluid than recent games that have tweaked certain aspects such as auto combos or other details. But JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle remains a very good fighting game. Fans of the manga will be in heaven and others will have a solid game that deserves to be played for its serious gameplay and colorful characters!

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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle – Breathtaking?

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