Inferno: this strict ban on Ron Howard that Omar Sy had to respect during filming

In “Inferno”, Omar Sy lends his features to a mysterious WHO employee who seeks to catch up with Robert Langdon, played by Tom Hanks. During filming, the French actor received strict instructions from director Ron Howard.

Infernos : Robert Langdon wants to prevent a pandemic

After Da Vinci Code and Angels and DemonsRon Howard and Tom Hanks reteam to a third adaptation by Dan Brown with Infernos. Robert Langdon is in particularly bad shape at the start of the feature film released in 2016. When he wakes up in a hospital in Florence, the specialist in symbols learns that he has suffered a traumatic brain injury and is suffering from terrifying hallucinations.

As he comes to his senses, the hero finds himself pursued by a contract killer and must flee. Aided by Doctor Sienna Brooks (Felicity Jones), he discovers that he may have been contaminated by “Inferno”. Developed by billionaire Bertrand Zobrist (Ben Foster), this virus aims to drastically remedy global overpopulation.

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Obsessed with Divine Comedy of Dante, Zobrist hid clues on an edited copy of The Map of Hell by Botticelli. Signs with which Robert and Sienna will try to prevent the start of a pandemic.

Sidse Babett Knudsen, Irrfan Khan and Omar Sy complete the cast of Inferno. After X-Men: Days of Future Past, Jurassic World and Alive!the film by Ron Howard marks a new Hollywood experience for the French actor. Particularly excited at the idea of ​​giving the reply to Tom Hanks, the actor had to respect a very clear instruction from the director.

Omar Sy deprived of a smile

Asked by LCI in 2016 about playing a WHO employee opposite the star of Forrest Gump and We have to save the soldier RyanOmar Sy explains that one of his main goals on set was to contain his joy :

The biggest challenge was pretending it made sense that I was on a Ron Howard set with Tom Hanks. I was trying to be cool but inside it was total excitement.

Infernos ©Sony Pictures Entertainment

The filmmaker also strictly forbade the César winner to smile during the shots, in particular for not to make his enigmatic character too sympathetic. Ron Howard remembers withAllocinated :

When you make a thriller, you make sure to involve the viewer, to create tension… And my only request to Omar was not to smile! (Laughs) Impossible to be afraid when he smiles! But I chose him for his charisma and his presence. Not just for his smile, but for what he looks like on screen. His character arrives quite late in the film, and I wanted him to question the viewer about his intentions and his involvement in this story.

An indication that the actor respects to the letter. What to make the happiness of the director, who ensures thatOmar Sy is “very hardworking” and “sparks” during an interview with First. A professionalism which unfortunately does not avoid some clumsiness and a nice moment of embarrassment…

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Inferno: this strict ban on Ron Howard that Omar Sy had to respect during filming

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