In Vaucluse, low noise Islamism!

This is a conference that could have gone unnoticed. The D’Clic association based in Valence will have to revise its plans. The conference of this association, which presents itself as working in the social and humanitarian fields, will not be able to hold this conference scheduled for November 27 in Montfavet, district of Avignon in Vaucluse. Alerted by the national rally from Vaucluse, the prefect Violaine Démaret has asked the organizers to cancel this demonstration under penalty of the opening of an administrative prohibition instruction. It was MP RN Bénédicte Auzanot who got wind of this conference and alerted the public authorities. ” My collaborator noticed the presence on the poster of the conference, of the logo of the dissolved association Baraka City. Something to intrigue “, she explains to Boulevard Voltaire.

Indeed, the association founded by the sulphurous Idriss Sihamendi has been dissolved because it promotes a Islamism radical totally contrary to the republican spirit. On the side of the association, we plead error. ” It’s an old poster and the designer forgot to remove some logos “says the director of the association to our colleagues from Provence. The latter, however, refused to give his name to journalists. In any case, nothing reveals such an appetite for Islamism on the association’s website which presents a licked storefront of an association “ humanist, humanitarian, social and cultural “. On the other hand, just click on the “project” tab to find out a little more: ” one of the main axes will be the creation of a center for converts and beginners “. In any case, the whole is skilfully dusted with quotes from Françoise Dolto… A site with rounded aspects but which leaves some doubt about its mysterious director: Nader Abou Anas.

Ironically, it was in the room called the “Lights” of Montfavet that speakers such as Mehdi from the magazine Islammag or Ali Alain and Nader Abou Anas, presented by arabnews as founder of the D’Clic association in 2010… Nader Abou Anas whose sermons are not particularly in the spirit of Rousseau or Montesquieu, judge rather: “This is the virtuous woman, she is the one who obeys her husband. The woman, she only leaves her house by her husband’s permission. […] Stay in your homes, that’s the basis. In the evening, he has a need, a desire, and she tells him no I’m tired, I can’t, I’m this that. And the man, he cracks. […] Let her know that the angels curse her all night if she refuses her husband without a valid reason. […]»

This had not prevented the sulphurous imam from co-sign the call to demonstrate against Islamophobia in November 2019 alongside Jean-Luc Mélenchon and France insoumise, before finally withdrawing his signature… A real chameleon, he is also the owner of a dating app for Muslims: mynsif. ” The skill of this new generation activist lies in his ability to conform to what society expects of him. A true chameleon, Abou Anas knows how to adapt and modify his speech so as to present an attractive appearance of modernity for a young audience, thus maintaining doubt about his religious extremism. “, note the specialized site arabnews.

For the Vaucluse RN, it’s a somewhat bitter victory: “ We are in our role as parliamentarians by being vigilant on these subjects says Bénédicte Auzanot. But the elected Vaucluse who made her debut in the Assembly last June is worried: “ How many events like this go under the radar? ” Good question…

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In Vaucluse, low noise Islamism!

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