Hot Wheels, the secrets of the favorite toy of young and old – TURBO report of 18/12/2022

7:00 a.m. It’s a Sunday like any other in Los Angeles where each neighborhood offers its car rally by enthusiasts. But this morning, in El Segundo, just behind LAX the famous airport of the City of Angels, it’s a bit special!

It’s the Hotwheels Legends Tour, an American-style show in homage to the little cars of the same name! Because it is the particularity of the brand, its most iconic miniature models are sometimes reproduced in real life! The world upside down !

But you’ll see that the Legend Tours are also huge competitions for customization geniuses, with one ultimate goal: that their creation becomes a Hot Wheels miniature and is sold in stores!

We will also exclusively open the secret doors of the Hot Wheels design center to you and discover how the most surprising automotive brand designs its micro cars.

So head to California for the world of the infinitely small and beyond!

They marked our childhood and today that of our children, names that resonate in our unconscious: Majorette, Corgi, Matchbox… For many of us these miniature car brands have forged our passion for the automobile, and among them, the most famous Hotwheels, with mind-blowing numbers…

And what makes the specificity of the brand born here in California 54 years ago is that its range does not only include reductions of existing models, but also fanciful creations, sometimes inspired by cinema…

Designs that have made such an impression on people’s minds that some have reproduced them in real size…

The Legend Tour is an opportunity to admire them!

It’s the 4-wheeled adaptation of the famous X-Wing fighters from Star Wars, like the one Luke Skywalker pilots in The Empire Strikes Back, if the look of both the miniature and the life-size model is incredible, the return on land is violent on the propulsion side, the engines have given way to a small 4-cylinder 2.0l Ford 180 bhp… Suffice to say that the force is no longer really with you!

The Legend Tour of El Segundo has a particularity of its own, it takes place in the car park of the brand’s headquarters! A unique opportunity to enter the holy of holies to understand how these miniatures that mark our minds are designed!

Because, yes, it’s incredible, but like the big ones, they have their own designers, And precisely, TED is one of them, and he explains everything to us…

It’s exactly the same method with the biggest car manufacturers, with just a level of detail necessarily 100 times lower: the one we call a 3D sculptor will give volume to the flat drawing of the designers, and that gives a 3D file. But if the virtual is practical, it is necessary at some point to be able to verify the result in real life, this is where the first prototypes are made. Advantage of the miniature, no need for a full-scale clay model like with the manufacturers, here printers are enough!

After that, the prototypes go to the washing station for finishing!

And that’s how these models are born that will delight collectors, because it’s not just a game for children, some hot wheels become collectors who, depending on their rarity, reach absolutely astronomical sums!

Suddenly, fans of small Californian cars are on the lookout for the slightest special series, and that’s exactly what we’re going to discover at the Legends Tour, following this endless queue.

And could it be that the brand’s next star model is in this car park? In any case, this is what all the participants dream of who came with their unique cars to attract the attention of the judges. They elect ONE model that stands out during this Legend Tour, which will be on the list for the grand finale of the year at the end of which the winner will see his car be miniaturized and marketed.

But who are these judges? We met one of them, Bruce Pascal! Bruce’s crush? This completely modified Beetle!

But his decision will not override the decision of the other members of the jury, and it is finally Mario Zamudio who wins this Legend Tour with his magnificent, but in our opinion a little too classic, Buick Riviera from 69.

And surprise, for the first time the legendary tour will also take place in France. Any owner of an original vehicle will be able to compete virtually on the Internet, and the best will meet for the national final during the next 24 hours of Le Mans. This will be a unique opportunity for the winner to go from childhood dream to reality

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Hot Wheels, the secrets of the favorite toy of young and old – TURBO report of 18/12/2022

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