Her little Jade would have been 8 years old, Ingrid Chauvin pays a heartbreaking tribute to her deceased little girl

Monday October 17, 2022, Ingrid Chauvin paid a heartbreaking tribute to her daughter Jade who died eight years ago. The actress shared her message on Instagram.

The emotion is always there for Ingrid Chauvin. On Monday October 17, 2022, the actress took to her Instagram account to pay a moving tribute to her daughter Jade, who died eight years ago. “The body, the spirit, the dates… Nothing is erased…” she soberly wrote in the caption of a photo on which appears the first name of her daughter accompanied by sequins. Very touched by this tribute, Internet users did not hesitate to send him a few words of support. “A thought for you and your loved ones for this star in the sky”, “Your little Jade is watching over you. Little star that will shine forever.” or “I agree nothing is erased… We live with it forever. With all our hearts with you” can we for example read in comments. As a reminder, Jade was born on October 17, 2013. But after only a few weeks, the little girl died at the age of five months following a malformation on March 25, 2014. A painful episode for the whole family who had announced the sad news to AFP.

Jade was the fruit of love between Ingrid Chauvin and Thierry Peythieu. Despite the loss of their first child, the couple welcomed a second child; a little boy named Tom. A small family miracle, he constantly makes his parents happy. On social networks, the star of tomorrow belongs to us does not hesitate to reveal moments of complicity with her son born on June 10, 2016. It is he who allows her to hold on on a daily basis, especially since she had to go through a separation. It is indeed on November 11, 2020 that Ingrid Chauvin announced her separation after ten years of marriage with Thierry Peythieu. As Closer told you, the breakup went badly and even had an impact on his career. But despite everything, the mother of the family was able to bounce back. “After all of this, I reconnected with myself. I regain my freedom to think and to be me. And I have a fabulous bond with my son. I reconnect with the simple life, nature… Priorities have changed. I go for what is good for me and what is authentic.” she confided to TV Magazine.

Ingrid Chauvin again in a relationship and in love

Note that for more than a year, Ingrid Chauvin has found love in the arms of Philippe Warrin, photographer. A new idyll that his son Tom has totally accepted. “He showed lack from the start when my spouse was to find Paris and was the first to jump on his neck as soon as he returned! I never could have imagined, nor hoped for such a bond, spontaneous and reciprocal between them 2… Balance and happiness emerge from our own choices, which are essential to get out of a situation that is no longer suitable, makes you unhappy, or has just become unlivable. Whatever it is, it is possible to change the course of your life ☘️ ✨. So be confident” she said in August 2021.

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Her little Jade would have been 8 years old, Ingrid Chauvin pays a heartbreaking tribute to her deceased little girl

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