Football Sarthe-Mayenne. The Land of Juhel B to the Angels

FCSSM veterans are D2 champions and Baudron Cup finalists. ©DR.

Not necessarily favorites at the start, the reservists of the Pays de Juhel ended their 2021-2022 exercise in the best possible way. Indeed, after an epic fight, they won the final of the District Challenge at the expense of ASPTT Laval B (3-3 then 2-4 on penalties). The goals were scored by Nicolas Boucher, Jérôme Patenay and Thomas Langevin on Sunday at the L’Huisserie complex. “Our goalkeeper Axel Lefoulon diverted two Laval attempts during the penalty shootout,” says tactician Clément Hesloin, who would like his B team to reach the second division in the medium term.

In the regional cup, there was no miracle on Saturday evening for FC Saint-Saturnin-La Milesse. Despite an influx of big days at the Daniel Langlais stadium, the logic was respected between an R3 from Sarthe and an N3 from Vendée, i.e. three divisions apart on paper. Final score: 0-3. It is therefore FC Challans which continues its journey in the quarter-finals of the competition. “The Vendeans were just 11 on the score sheet. Our doorman Benoît Droguet has delayed the deadline, “says president Simon Acosta.

Treatments in D4?

In a late match, AS Cures B went to win at St-Vincent-des-Prés last weekend (2-3, Steven Letessier and a double from Farhan Tanda). “A game for butter, but it’s always good for morale to win. Our pennant team will complete its D4 championship on May 29 at home against Degré B and a victory would be welcome even if the first place in the Group B classification is no longer mathematically accessible, “says Didier Mallet.

As a reminder, the clash at the top of May 15 between Mont-Saint-Jean and Cures was won by the locals (5-2). A poster which attracted several dozen spectators to the Albert-Maulen stadium, including the elected officials Daniel Lefèvre and Joël Méténier Consequence: it was indeed Mont-Saint-Jean which won the famous passport to play in the third division at the start of the september.

St-Sat’ champion of D2

As for the veterans category, the Pays de Sillé suffered its third defeat of the season in the league on the ground of Allonnes (6-2, a csc and Gaëtan Suire). But the troop headed by Dominique Brissiet remains in favorable tie to keep until the end its yellow jersey of leader which would be synonymous with promotion in first division. Next match on May 29 at the Martin-Parayre municipal stadium in Sillé-le-Guillaume against Arnage Pontlieue with a kick-off at 9:15 a.m. (D2).

The veterans of Saint-Saturnin-La Milesse, them, disputed Saturday afternoon the final of the Baudron Cup against a big thief of D1, CS Changed. Despite good intentions, they failed to shake up the hierarchy on the synthetic surface of Pruillé-le-Chétif (4-1, Jérôme Paulin). “Our season is still successful with no defeat on the clock in the league (D2)”, notes Emmanuel Dezecot.

Évron is becoming more feminized

The veterans of La Chapelle St-Aubin also had the privilege of playing in a cup final this year. And they did very well by dismissing Ruaudin B 4-0 (Max Cottier, a double from Franck Lemée and Emmanuel Pichard). An appointment with a particular flavor for coaches Christophe Carrel and François Chatel who are supposed to bow out next month.

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As far as the female senior category is concerned, CA Évron, winners of La Bigottière (3-0), ended their season on a good note. Lucie Angot and Ambre Bariller (2) found the net on the main lawn of the Henri-Breux stadium. “We end our championship on a positive series of three victories in a row. Thanks to David Lambert for the voluntary arbitration of the center “, indicate the coaches Damien Reuzeau and Marie-France Geslot.

Les Alpes Mancelles, for their part, defeated Le Mans Gazélec B not without difficulty with a score of 3 goals to 2 thanks to a hat-trick from Hélène Bignon, USAM’s number one asset at the finish in recent months.

Neau in D3

In the Coëvrons basin, AS Neau holds the guarantee of access to the third division. And behind the scenes, negotiations are underway since President Sébastien Prido plans to build a second senior football team at 11 on grass. For those interested, contact 06 70 73 98 89.

In leisure 7-a-side football, hats off to the US Conlie-Domfront team, which will play a cup semi-final on June 2 at home against La Ferté-Bernard (7:30 p.m.). There is no doubt that coach David Antunès will be able to use the right words to motivate his boys.

In terms of anniversaries, the month of June will rhyme with festivities for Beaumont and Évron. The BSA will celebrate its 90th anniversary on June 4 and 5, the CAE its centenary on June 4. It promises !

Mention “TB” in Mont-Saint-Jean (D4), Degré (D3) and Dangeul (D4). Their common point? They still haven’t tasted defeat this season in the league. Anything but anecdotal.

Finally, women’s football will be in the spotlight at Pentecost in the sense that the final of the District Football Cup at 8 in Sarthe will pit two members of our sector against each other. In this case AS Fyé and US Alpes Mancelles. A 100% female derby to follow on June 5 from 11 a.m. at the Parigné l’Évêque stadium. More details on this gala meeting in our edition next week.

Agenda: sixte tournament in Conlie on June 11 in semi-nocturne, U9-U11 youth tournament in Beaumont on June 11 and 12, sixte tournament in St-Germain-Vallée d’Orthe on June 12 in St-Martin- de-Connée, Pays de Sillé sixte tournament on 19 June in Rouessé-Vassé, U11-U13 youth tournament in St-Saturnin-La Milesse on 19 June in St-Saturnin and women’s tournament in La Bazoge on 2 and 3 July.

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Football Sarthe-Mayenne. The Land of Juhel B to the Angels

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