Femicide: Elodie Kaszuba victim of the delusions of a drug addict

Sunday March 27, 2016. A two-storey house in a cul-de-sac in the Pouy district of Mont-de-Marsan. The night is calm. After a festive Saturday evening with friends, Elodie Kaszuba, 30, and her companion Guillaume Dautremont, 39, are getting ready to go to bed. Their daughter, Méloé, 20 months, is already sleeping in her cot in the next room.

The young woman relaxes while consulting her laptop. The man moves between the bathroom and the bedroom. She pays no attention to it. Since the beginning of the evening, she knows it “next to his pumps”: he has snorted an astronomical quantity of synthetic drugs, in addition to his usual cocaine. Drugs fascinate him. Since he was 17, he has been smoking cannabis. A few months ago, he took hallucinogenic mushrooms. For the past few days, he has been on a loop about their effects on his brain.

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Femicide: her name was Elodie Kaszuba

“Sud Ouest” takes action against violence against women by recounting the lives of six victims killed by their partners in the region. In Mont-de-Marsan, Elodie Kaszuba, 30, died on March 27, 2016. Here is her story

Annoyed, did the young woman mention a separation? Or did she just have the misfortune to be there? The only one to come out alive from this horror behind closed doors is not very talkative to explain it.

An unequal fight

One certainty, Elodie Kaszuba does not expect to die that evening, in this outburst of violence. With his fists, the former cook methodically destroys it. His violence is concentrated on his face. Survival instinct combined with maternal instinct, the young woman tries to flee. She finds herself in the hallway. The blows are so powerful that spurts of blood cover the walls. She crawls. Fight for his life. For his daughter. Faced with this meter 80, the featherweight that she is can only bend.

On the landing, she is dying. Drains of his blood. Her last thought: Méloé, whom she hears crying, no doubt awakened by the din of an unequal fight.

A few minutes later, the murderer is found half-naked in his mother’s garden. A mother he tried to strangle.

First act of a murderous fury. It doesn’t stop there. If Guillaume Dautremont does not listen to the pleas of his companion, he perceives the crying of his baby. Before going to look for her, he takes the time to clean his forearms, his hands stained with blood and to put on a clean outfit.

He takes his daughter against him. She stops crying. He sees in her eyes what he will call during his trial: the “jinn”, a demon he must eliminate in his mystical delirium of cameo. He grabs his child by the feet and throws his little body against the wall in the garden, “as if to remove dust from a dirty carpet”. Méloé, inert, is thrown into the garbage container.

The macabre track

Still in his delirium, Guillaume Dautremont rushes to his best friend. He tries to have sex with her. She refuses. He hit her. Leaves her for dead and goes to her mother. Rupture of the spleen, the friend is prescribed 75 days of total incapacity for work.

A few minutes later, the murderer is found half-naked in his mother’s garden. A mother he tried to strangle by pinning her against his kitchen refrigerator. A gesture so violent that she now suffers from the “tako-tsubo” syndrome: broken heart disease.

The police will go up this macabre trail step by step until the supreme horror of the discovery of Méloé.


Guillaume Dautremont is placed in police custody at the Mont-de-Marsan police station. Physically and mentally, he goes through all the states, tries to suppress himself by swallowing his jeans, to smash his skull against a table. He defecates on it. It takes five days to recover his senses after passing through a psychiatric hospital.

In February 2019, at the opening of the trial before the Landes Assize Court, a psychological cell was opened for the nine jurors. An exceptional device put in place three years earlier for the police who had discovered the massacre.

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Femicide: “It’s the whole society that is concerned”

“Sud Ouest” is committed against violence against women. In 2019, then prosecutor of Auch in the Gers, Charlotte Beluet had been one of the first magistrates in France to pronounce the word “feminicide”. Three years later, does she perceive a change in society?

During the six days of trial, Guillaume Dautremont remains hidden behind this version: “Demons with totally black eyes and deformed faces”, provoked by the substances voluntarily ingested.

“Your demons, which appear when it suits you, are they not rather the fruit of your imagination, very useful to clear you of customs? “, continues to hammer the Advocate General Olivier Janson. Silence in the box.

Guillaume Dautremont is sentenced to life imprisonment. He did not appeal the decision. The demon will have had the skin of two angels.

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Femicide: who was Elodie Kaszuba?

Femicide: who was Elodie Kaszuba?

Beaten to death by her companion in 2016 in Mont-de-Marsan, Elodie Kaszuba had been the mother of a little “doll” for a few months: Méloé. More than the regret of not having seen the tragedy happen, his family wishes to privilege the happiness of keeping their smiles in memory.

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Femicide: Elodie Kaszuba victim of the delusions of a drug addict

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