Evelyne Dhéliat addicted to cosmetic surgery? She throws the truth!

Evelyne Dhéliat no longer presents herself. This is a personality that several generations of viewers know. She holds longest career at TF1. His warm smile is an aspect that the public particularly appreciates about her. She recently accepted an interview with TV Grandes Chaînes. She talks about her opinion on cosmetic surgery and her secrets to keep a beautiful line.

Did Evelyne Dhéliat have cosmetic surgery?

In the world of television, the plastic surgery is a medium widely used by television hosts. Benjamin Castaldi, Faustine Bollaert, Laurent Ruquier and many others, have used it. At 74, Evelyne Dhéliat still doesn’t look her age. Is this also the case for her?

During this interview on TV Grandes Chaînes, Évelyne Dhéliat clearly stated:

“I have never had plastic surgery. I am in my own juice as the antique dealers say”.

These words agree with what she said four years ago, during an interview with Télé 7 Jours. She pointed out thatshe would never want to do cosmetic surgery.

“I take this opportunity to tell viewers who ask me: I don’t have a plastic surgeon! I’ve never done anything retouch and it does not tempt me at all! Botox, injections… It scares the hell out of me! I accept myself as I am,” she says.

Evelyne Dhéliat’s secret for a beautiful line

Evelyne Dhéliat maintained a slim and slender silhouette during these 50 years of television. At 74, nothing has changed much, the presenter always seems to keep in shape.

“A lot of people think I exercise all day. But not at all ! On the other hand, I walk a lot. I can cross all of Paris. I also walk up the five floors of my house all the time except when I have errands. Moreover, when I meet people in my building, they ask me if the elevator is broken”, she says amused.

Walk a lot for many years has paid off.

In addition to this regular physical activity, Evelyne Dhéliat also has a good relationship with food.

“I have a very balanced diet, but that’s for taste. I love fish, vegetables and fruit. Sauces are not my thing. But I also eat chocolate and, in the canteen, I always take two desserts, which amuses the person who serves us,” she says.

To put it simply, Evelyne Dhéliat does not follow any particular diet.

“In terms of food, I am unable to skip a meal and snack during the day. The ideal, I think, is to eat everything, normally and without excess,” she admits to Télé 7 Jours.

But on TV Grandes Chaînes, the journalist indicated that she mainly had “lucky to have a good nature”. So she shouldn’t just this silhouette to a healthy lifestyle.

“Afterwards, there is a lot of heredity, my mother was very fine. It’s my nature to be like that,” she admits.

The secret of his iron health: optimism

Evelyne Dhéliat carries the record da longest career on TF1, with 50 years of service. Asked about it, she said:

“Maybe because I never had a career plan? I never took someone’s place. I was lucky to be there in the right place at the right time. For example, when I arrived at weather forecasting in 1991, it was following the departure of Michel Cardoze. It is true that I would also have liked to present the information. But I would be wrong to have regrets, at the point where I am! »

Evelyne Dheliat turned 74, on April 19. But she always showsgreat youth of mind. She probably owes this to his way of being and his passion for his work.

“Me, I love what I do. My positive way of living is to keep working. And I feel out of step, because I don’t feel like I’m my age. I feel the same strength as ten, twenty or thirty years ago, ”she told TV Grandes Chaînes.

It probably is the reason for which Evelyne Dhéliat held on despite the cancer she fought.

“This is an intimate episode in my life. I keep my wounds secret. Moreover, I did not see this event as a test, but as a stage, knowing that, in life, if some are chosen, others, like this one, are imposed on you. I was already savoring life, it continues. There was no break. For me, existence has not stopped. This period confirmed to me what I am: an incredibly optimistic woman, moving forward. I am an Aries rising Aries! At each stage, I go for it. This will have been an additional experience,” she revealed in 2013, to Paris Match.

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Evelyne Dhéliat addicted to cosmetic surgery? She throws the truth!

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