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The Gods of Destruction are on a mission to destroy planets in order to maintain balance in the universe. Possessing a vital link with the Gods of Creation, they can be fearsome warriors thanks to their divine power. But have you ever wondered which of them is the most powerful?

In the universe of the franchise dragonball, the Gods of Destruction are all-powerful and virtually unbeatable. They are thus among the most powerful opponents that Goku must face if he wishes to become the most powerful warrior in the universe. However, when comparing these Gods to each other, there is only one that can be considered truly powerful and dangerous.

Currently, Dragon Ball Super has twelve Gods of Destruction – one for each existing universe. Despite their ability to destroy planets, this power does not necessarily imply that they are actually strong. The individual characteristics of the Gods of Destruction will greatly impact the way they use their powers, but also their power. Personality is most likely the most differentiating factor. These deities are no different from humans. Indeed, they can very easily let themselves be influenced by their emotions or their state of mind when it comes to making a decision, especially in a stressful situation such as a fight. But ultimately, who is the most powerful God of Destruction?

Knowing how to keep your cool: The key to being a powerful God of Destruction

If the Gods of Destruction can be impacted by their emotions or their state of mind, one can legitimately think that those able to keep their cool and remain thus concentrated are certainly the most powerful. Indeed, this allows them not to panic and to be able to make the best possible decisions in the event of a fight. Additionally, powerful Gods of Destruction are also notable for their ability to outwit their opponent. And if we meet all the criteria mentioned, Beerus, from Universe 7, Quitela, from Universe 4, and Vermudh, from Universe 11, are surely the most powerful.

However, Beerus is quite possibly the most powerful of the Gods of Destruction.. In chapters 28 and 29 of Dragon Ball Superthe Tournament of Power is organized and the Gods of Destruction will also take part. When the tournament ends, it turns out that Beerus is the Gods of Destruction’s best fighter. Not only does he survive after the combined attack of the other 11 Gods of Destruction, but he is more importantly one of the last two fighters still standing before Zenō and Future Zenō interrupt the match. Even assuming Beerus beat Quitela, he’s largely proven his abilities to stand up to the other Gods of Destruction.

There is also another individual factor that can influence a God of Destruction’s abilities: its formation. And that’s another point where Beerus has the advantage. As you know, the Gods of Destruction are trained by Angels. And while all Angels may have a similar level of skill and power, it turns out that, as with the Gods of Destruction, some are better than others. This is particularly the case of Whis and Vados, respective trainers of Beerus and Champa, whom fans consider to be the best Angels. Additionally, the species a God of Destruction belongs to can also be a differentiating factor. With the exception of Beerus and Champa, the other ten deities all belong to different species. And as you probably know, some species have advantages that others don’t.

In the universe dragonball, the Gods of Destruction play an important role alongside the Gods of Creation in order to maintain balance. While the Gods of Creation give and facilitate life, the Gods of Destruction are on a mission to destroy planets and life forms that they deem dangerous or unworthy of continuing to live. In fact, each of the Gods of Destruction wields immense power. Nevertheless, it seems obvious to us that Beerus stands out as being the most powerful of them..

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Dragon Ball: Who is the most powerful God of Destruction? – melty

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