Decoration: 40 officers from a distinguished college in Cocody for their loyalty

The founding director, Mrs. Seka Florence married Besson, known as Maman Flo, proceeded, on Friday December 16, 2022, to the Our Lady of Deliverance Private Collegeto Cocody Angré, to the decoration of 40 agents of his establishment for their honesty and loyalty.

“Our school results, especially the end-of-year results are the expression of this won bet”

“We decided to decorate the personnel of the Trans-education group to show our satisfaction”, she indicated, before recalling that these agents decided to accompany her in this adventure during difficult times: “With us, you believed. You weren’t wrong. Today, our school results, especially the end-of-year results, are the expression of this won bet”.

She also decided to express her gratitude to 2 agents for their spirit of loyalty and fidelity. These officers have been promoted to other positions of responsibility.

“Among those distinguished on this day, I would like to pay tribute to Misses Seka Marie Christelle and Bori Déborah, whom I have just appointed respectively Director General and Director of Financial and Commercial Affairs of the Trans-Education Group and all the subsidiaries”, for their loyalty, fidelity, patience and abnegation: “You listened to me. Today, I entrust you with the day-to-day management of the group,” she said.

The representative of the sponsor of this ceremony, the Honorable Dago Auguste, hailed the exemplary career of Maman Flo. “Education is a priesthood for Maman Flo”, he testified.

Regarding the appointments made by the founder, he indicated that this renewed confidence in the fairer sex contains symbols. “I see in these acts symbols of the genre,” he welcomed the appointment of these young ladies.

Students urged to turn away from ease

In addition, the Honorable Dago invited the students to turn away from the facility, in particular the scourges of our society and urged them to embrace the values ​​of a job well done.

His colleague, the Honorable Innocent Youté, welcomed the holding of such an event, which marks not only the recognition of officers for a job well done, but above all for their self-sacrifice for the education of our children. .

“I am pleased with what you are doing,” he said, while welcoming the quality of the work for the training and transformation of human resources for the Côte d’Ivoire of tomorrow.

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A high-level panel including lawyers, magistrates, police officers, psychologists, doctors and midwives spoke to the students about the consequences of the various social scourges. The awareness campaign continues until Monday, December 19, 2022, at the Notre Dame des Lumières University Complex.

The Trans-Education Group includes the Cherubin Group; the Angels of the Lord School Group; the Notre Dame de la Délivrance Private College and the University Complex made up of the Notre Dame des Lumières Private University and the Notre Dame Private Institute of Success.

The results of the end-of-year examinations of these establishments in recent years demonstrate the quality of the work done by the Schools of the Trans-Education Group with a success rate of 100% at the primary level, 88.03% at the BEPC and 70.83% BAC.

The founder of the Trans-Education Group, Mrs. Seka Florence marries Besson, owner of the School Group the Angels of the Eternal and the Private College Notre Dame de la Délivrance is associated with Lieutenant-Colonel Besson Besson Isidore, administrator of maritime and port affairs, co-founder of the establishments, of the Trans-Education Group.

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Decoration: 40 officers from a distinguished college in Cocody for their loyalty

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