Dahmer: the Netflix serial killer series is a hit

It seems like Dahmer: Monster, Ryan Murphy’s latest series is a hit. Indeed, the latest Netflix production would explode the scores.

Do you also have the impression that Ryan Murphy is in the credits of a new project every week? In less than a month, we find him in three Netflix productions (just that). First for the bloody Dahmer: Monster – The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer, next for the horror movie Mr. Harrigan’s Phone (of which he is a producer) and finally for the seven episodes that make up The Watcher (where he is showrunner).

An impressive hunting record which is to be put into perspective since we know that the gentleman has been productive for a few years now. If we can legitimately wonder if Murphy takes a vacation, we would understand that the platform imprisons him and reduces him to forced labor given his qualitative and economic contribution. And not to change, the hen with the golden eggs of the firm at N rouge has struck again according to the figures of Dahmer: Monster.

Ryan Murphy inconsolable since knowing you haven’t watched his new series (it’s not cool)

Data that commands respect since the program achieves the best start of a new series released on the streaming service on a Wednesday. As Films de Lover stated in its newsletter Netflixers (specialized in the analysis of Netflix audiences, in part), Dahmer: Monster explode miniseries Reality in front with Kevin Hart which appeared on the catalog for Thanksgiving in registering almost double its audience (22.2 million complete viewing equivalents vs. 11.5). Also, for its first week, the serial object worn by Evan Peters recorded 196.2 million hours watchedthat is to say the performance.

It’s very simple, according to Netflix figures, only two series have made a better start for their launch (since June 2021): Money Heist Part 5 (201 million) and Stranger Things season 4 (286.7 million). Coming out on a Wednesday, the series obviously had a little more time to rack up hours seen (since the other series mentioned all came out on a Friday), but the result is nonetheless impressive.

Dahmer: photo, Peter EvansWhen you’re in jail and you don’t have Netflix

Especially since we must not forget one thing: the promotion around this episodic thriller does notannounced its release date only five days before it aired. Despite minimalist communication, the series has therefore been able to attract a very large audience, proving both Netflix’s strike force and probably the power of its algorithm (and “personalized” recommendations on the home page). Moreover, as Netflixers points out, with an exemplary reception on IMDb of 8.4/10, word of mouth and positive feedback will certainly allow the serial-killer biopic to continue its superb momentum in the weeks to come. come.

So if you too want to embark on the adventure, the ten episodes that portray the cannibalistic monster of Milwaukee Dahmer: Monster – The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer waiting for you on Netflix since September 21, 2022.

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Dahmer: the Netflix serial killer series is a hit

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