Cyril Hanouna: a comedian violently attacks the host and TPMP, it’s hot!

Obviously, Cyril Hanouna and the whole gang of “TPMP” have a knack for make enemies. Is Sébastien Thoen now on Baba’s list of enemies? One would be tempted to answer in the affirmative to the not very complimentary remarks made by the comedian against the troublemaker of C8 and its chroniclers. Words that are similar to a slight settling of scores.

Don’t touch my Pascal Praud

In 2020, after 18 years of good and loyal service, Sébastien Thoen involuntarily bid farewell to Canal +.

Revealed on the encrypted channel thanks to the hidden camera show “Discreet Action”, the man was indeed fired. The reason ? A short 7-minute sketch where he parodies “L’heure de pros”, the program broadcast daily on CNews and presented by Pascal Praud.

Note that the continuous news channel belongs to the Canal + group whose big boss is none other Vincent Bolloré. According to the words of an employee reported by Le Parisien, after the parody of Sébastien Thoen for Winamax, the billionaire would have asked for his head.

You should know that Bolloré is known not to be a big fan of the Canal spirit. The era that refers to the golden age of the chain where laughter and the humor was always there. In short, in 2015, facing Léa Salamé on France Inter, the famous businessman had declared:

“Sometimes it’s a bit hurtful and unpleasant. Making fun of yourself is fine. Making fun of others is less good. »

Note that since his reign, the last programs that bear witness to the vestige of the Canal spirit have been banned from the air. We are talking in particular about “Grand Journal” and “Guignols”.

In short, still according to the famous employee, at the head of the chain, some tried to oppose the will of the big boss to dismiss Sébastien Thoen, in vain.

Cyril Hanouna gave his opinion

Of course, at the time, this case caused a lot of ink to flow. For information, the sketch, Pascal Praud took it very well. According to a member of his team, he “did not complain to management”.

Moreover, Sébastien Thoen himself affirms that the journalist called him very quickly to tell him that he had fun. The former presenter of the “Journal du Hard” even calling him a “chic guy”.

So, ultimately, why did Julien Cazarre’s friend, with whom he did the sketch, did he get fired ? Cyril Hanouna has his own idea. Very close to Bolloré, the headliner of C8, which also belongs to the Canal + group, underlined the comedian’s lack of loyalty. In an interview with the newspaper Le Parisien, Lino and Bianca’s dad said:

“I didn’t follow the case at all. I didn’t even watch the parody. Sébastien Thoen, I even produced it on CStar. Afterwards, they (note: Sébastien Thoen and Stéphane Guy) made mistakes, loyalty is important in a group. »

A position that the main interested party has visibly in the throat.

“Social case”: Sébastien Thoen tackles him violently

As we said earlier, Sébastien Thoen, who became a columnist on RTL, castigated Cyril Hanouna and his columnists. Faced with Yves Calvi, in his humorous pastille, he first recounted his meeting with Jean Dujardin during the release of the film “November”. Sébastien Thoen notably made believe that he and the Oscar-winning actor went to a cocktail party to celebrate the event.

“Nice atmosphere with the whole team,” he said.

He then added:

“Some taste taramasalata, others cocaine, and all that with Vincent Bolloré’s money. So I would like us to stop criticizing Vincent Bolloré who finances all these Diabolo players. »

A small tackle therefore towards his former boss. Then he attacked Cyril Hanouna and the band of ” TPMP “.

“And there, I see Jean in a corner (…) and he says to me: ‘the film is great, the reviews are good but there are still embittered, snobs and cynical journalists who criticize the film (note: he speaks of the attack of November 13, 2015), to do business on the horror, to surf on the misery of the attacks.

To which he replied:

“Jeannot, this trial is totally unfair. Especially since at the same time, TNT does just that, business with horror. What would a plateau de Touche not be at my post without a social case, who all think they teach us about life? Are we confusing them? No, we don’t tell them anything. »

So these are words that may cause sparks. Even if it remains a chronicle, it is difficult not to think that Sebastien Thoen wanted to settle accounts.

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Cyril Hanouna: a comedian violently attacks the host and TPMP, it’s hot!

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