Communicate with the angels: exercise to begin

On land, a canal (or channel) is a path that connects two sea areas, and sometimes, like at Suez, humans have dug to make it smoother, easier to use and navigate. In the same way, the more we use our channel (with this exercise or another of the same kind), the more our lines of communication will become more fluid between the earth and the sky, between us and our soul and all our celestial allies, including the angels. .

It is important to note that even before doing this channel opening exercise, it is already open, at least a little. If you are reading this book, you have already had “sweet spot” experiences, moments when heaven and earth have come together, and you have noticed: you may have felt (clairsentience), seen ( clairvoyance), heard (clairaudience) or simply known (intuition or precognition. Clairvoyance experiences can only take place if our channel between earth and heaven is open… at least a little. Our intention here will therefore be to deepen and make it more fluid.

1. Breathe to Prepare

When you decide to open YOUR channel more widely, it is important to choose a quiet place, away from prying eyes, a place where you will not be disturbed. The exercise can be done in any position, but it is best not to lie down, especially at first, unless absolutely necessary. Close your eyes and… breathe.

Although we breathe about ten thousand times a day, most of the time it is unconscious. But we seek here to make our mission conscious (and therefore accessible), so we must do it with awareness.

Although we breathe about ten thousand times a day, most of the time it is unconscious. But we seek here to make our mission conscious (and therefore accessible), so we must do it with awareness. We know that breathing carries life, our human experience beginning with our first breath and ending with our last breath at the moment of death, when life is taken to our next adventure. Knowing this, you can imagine that mindful breathing is in itself an exercise that enlivens our lives and puts our soul’s mission within breath’s reach.
In order to achieve this, INHALE life is EXHALE everything that has distracted you or weighed you down that has diminished your life, your light, your joy, your radiance! Continue until you feel clearer and lighter.

2. Set your intention

When you feel ready, inhale your intention to open your and the instrument to your divine gifts and angelic assistance, and exhale anything that might distract you outside of that intention. Inhale your intention until you feel it filling your mind, without any distractions. Remember that the breath centers us in life: our life is always in the moment, the only moment when creation through intention (like opening the channel) is possible. Stay present!

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3. Ask for help from your angels

If you want heavenly help for this channel opening, why not ask for help from your angels? It doesn’t matter if you don’t know anything about them and aren’t even sure they exist (yet). They don’t need you to believe in them to intervene (especially since most of us actually come to believe them!), they just wait for your green light, so that the requirement of free- arbitrator.

How to make your request? Keep it simple, sweetie! Your words, when spoken from the heart, are always perfect. Say what your heart tells you. It can be a prayer that has always attracted you, or something simple like:

“Hello angels! I intend to open my channel to communicate with you (more clearly). Help me please. Thanks ! (It’s always good to include both a clear intention and a thank you note; gratitude is a high frequency energy that makes things easier).

4. Fill your body with light

As the angels help you now, everything will become simple! Imagine, visualize, feel or know that with each of your inspirations, you let in the light, that of your soul, of your mission.

Send the light you inhale to the tips of your fingers and toes, illuminating every cell in your body and to the spaces between cells. As you continue, you will bring more light into your body, and each exhale will clear a patch of shadow that is blocking your light. Every shadow that can be thrown away at this moment will be.
Inside: light!
Outside: Anything that blocks your light (with the help of angels!).
Continue until you feel ready for the next step.

5. Light up your spine

Continue to inhale the light, but on the exhale use a sweeping breath to send this light up your spine to illuminate it from the back of your neck to your tailbone. This path of light illuminates your column, which physically and energetically represents the bridge that YOU are between earth and heaven. It will form the basis of the channel you create (or strengthen) through your intention and with the help of your angels.

6. Ground yourself

When the column is illuminated with clear intention, extend your path of light from the coccyx to the center of the earth. See, feel, know or imagine that the ray of light easily makes its way to the center of the earth, that it opens up to welcome you layer after layer, supporting your light journey all the way to at the center of our Mother Earth, at the heart of the planet.

His welcome is warm, rich and nourishing. INHALE the strength and power therein, and EXHALE whatever may have so far blocked your ability to live in your ” sweet spot in alignment with your life purpose, anything that blocks your power.

The author:

This excerpt is taken from the book Fulfill your life mission with the angels Kathryn Hudson, published by Le Lotus et l’Éléphant.

Kathryn Hudson is Angel Therapy Practitioner, Medium and Reiki Master.

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Communicate with the angels: exercise to begin

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