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Where to find a good Christmas log in Bordeaux? This is the question that comes up on the table every year, with the approach of the holidays. To make it easier for you, we present to you some of our talented Bordeaux pastry chefs who, every year, challenge themselves to offer their personal version of the Yule log. Rather fruity, gourmet, to share or in individual format, you will find here some inspirations for your festive dessert to end your meal in style!

by Lucile Arnaud

published on November 28, 2022

Mi Cielo – The frozen Yule log

For this Franco-Mexican team, always looking for tasty recipes that appeal to young and old, the yule log menu is made up of 5 proposals this year: 3 pastry yule logs and 2 frozen yule logs.

One made with apples from their local producer The Pecanita in the spirit of a tatin, The Chocolitatout super light chocolate or The Pinata around fresh pineapple, passion fruit, cheese with fresh and tangy notes thanks to kaffir lime leaves and a touch of mint.

For those who don’t want to stress, the iced logs are available at the beginning of December and can be kept for a month, so you have peace of mind!

Choose between Pralinitaan airy choco-praline ice cream parfait, soft caramel with grilled hazelnuts, crunchy milk chocolate coating, iced caramel whipped cream, caramelized almonds, soft chocolate biscuit or La Cafecita in the spirit of an iced cappuccino.

If you want to follow behind the scenes of the preparation and salivate while waiting for Christmas, it’s on instagram that it happens! Blanca and Diego share live the gestures and the setting up of their creations in their Bouscat lab.

Order from November 26 and while supplies last!
From 27 to 53 euros depending on the number of shares.

05 33 48 94 49

Where to find a good Christmas log in Bordeaux Copyright Diego Cervantes

Sweet Words – Gluten-free Christmas log

First Christmas for the new street patisserie Fondaudege and for the team at the head of the restaurant Mets Mots. Here, in the open lab, Léo Forget and Martin Tauziet take you behind the scenes of the preparations.

The four creations for this Christmas 2022 revisit the tradition of Christmas perfumes: vanilla, pear, chocolate etc by adding an original touch and play on textures.

If you are gluten intolerant you will find your happiness with The Clementine – Brown.
Mots Doux also stands out thanks to the eye of the chef who constructs these desserts as dishes in their own right, particularly on The Chocolate Loggianduja and buckwheat composed of a cocoa sponge cake, a soft Andoa 70% chocolate and buckwheat ganache, milk chocolate mousse with hay and a gianduja insert.

Logs available from December 22 and throughout the holiday season
Order from December 1
One size 4/6 people – 35-39 euros

Sweet Words on Facebook
07 66 45 52 00

Where to find a good Christmas log in Bordeaux Copyright Sweet Words

Pierre Mathieu – The Floral Yule Log

In addition to the 3 must-have pastry creations that will reassure regulars, Pierre Mathieu is offering three new yule logs this year! The rolled log Black Forest to well-known chords, The Poïma log, combination of pear and chestnut and finally The “Rubis” log. Composed of a crispy sweet paste, a raspberry caramel, a vanilla biscuit, a creamy red fruit and a whipped cream flavored with geranium bourbon, this original and floral combination will hit the mark at the end of the meal. She is inspired by the work of the producer of natural essences Laurent Dreyfus dand the Baume des Anges company with which the chef collaborates.

The selection is available in the two PM boutiques, place Pey Berland and rue de Pessac.

Orders from December 6 and until December 20

27 euros for 4 people
35 euros for 6 people

05 56 52 95 61

Copyright – Pierre Mathieu

Pâtisserie S – Yule logs Mr/Madam

At the bottom of Cours Alsace-Lorraine, Satomi and Stanley Chan’s pastry shop in Franco-Japanese inspirations personalizes its creations for this end of the year!

These are 4 gentlemen / ladies who invite themselves to your table! For those who like gourmet and comforting flavors, ask Mr Praline composed of a foam chocolate with milk, a creamy chocolate praline, a lemon cream and a crunch based on hazelnuts and feuillantine or Mr. Chocolate for fans of “all chocolate”.

For a more fruity touch, two options: Ms. Cheese in the idea of ​​a Cheesecake-Raspberry-Figs or Mrs Pear which combines Brown-Pear-Yuzu worthy of a Mont Blanc or rather a Mont Fuji!

Orders from December 1 and until December 19
25 euros for 4 people / 38 euros for 6 people / 50 euros for 8 people

05 56 06 94 54

Copyright – Patisserie S

Tasted by Oven Heaven: The exceptional chocolate Yule log

It is in their pretty boutique on the Cours de la Marne that the parties are being prepared, which promise to be tasty at Goûtu. Among the 4 yule logs proposed by Kevin Grodwohl and his team: La Bûche Chocolat or rather THE Chocolate Christmas Log around the exceptional product of chocolate maker Nicolas Berger : Madagascar 65% Ambaja Castilloa from Sao Tomé & Principe.

At the tasting blends an intense chocolate taste that is both fresh, fruity and slightly tangy, a very smooth vanilla cream, a super soft cocoa biscuit, and a crisp and a very fresh and decadent cocoa nib praline.

And if you want to offer coffee quality to finish your meal, you can also get a packet freshly roasted and ground by Dimitri, brother and partner of Kevin at Oven Heaven.

Order from December 5

05 56 91 81 37

Copyright Goûtu

Greedy elves?

While waiting for the 24th, here are some ideas to get you in the holiday spirit in Bordeaux.

Local and gourmet Christmas : If you do your shopping at the Capuchin marketwe give you some ideas here !

hot in front : some addresses for a good drink hot wine.

A tea break during your Christmas shopping? Here are our favorites among the tea rooms in Bordeaux.

Happy Holidays !

Blonde Venus Bordeaux Mulled wine pretzel © Blonde Venus Mulled Wine and Pretzel

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Christmas log in Bordeaux – Our 5 favorite pastries

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