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Thursday evening, while the temperature was milder and the sun was less strong in the early evening, Navet Confit launched its latest album good morning in the private room. The room, located in the basement of an ecclesiastical building on rue de Bordeaux, was filled to capacity: around fifty people had gathered to celebrate this umpteenth outing of the singer-songwriter.

The artistic approach of the artist, fundamentally punk, was reflected in the place and the atmosphere. It was all casual, with a hint of irony and a thick layer of humour.

“Hello”, exclaimed the musician while going up on stage, alone. The crowd immediately threw the same back at him, laughing. It is therefore without his musicians that Jean-Philippe Fréchette, alias Navet Confit, presented his first piece. Guitar in hand and distortion in the carpet, he already imposes the rhythm of the evening with a particularly grunge track.

Then, the band joins the musician on stage. The crowd is enthusiastic, it feels like a reunion of old friends. The more the evening progresses, moreover, the more we realize that this is practically the case. Friends, colleagues and fans gathered over the past 15 years crowd into the small, dark room that serves as a hall. However, the spectators leave a good two meters between them and the stage and seem rather calm.

The group takes the time to present a series of songs before addressing the crowd. There never was nobody, Vasectomy and a few others serve as an introduction.

“You have no idea how happy I am to be here now. It’s really a beautiful moment, ”he finally underlines. Throughout the show, it’s the same thing. Jean-Philippe Fréchette addresses the crowd like an old friend, and it is without shame that this one answers him. Jokes and laughter burst out everywhere: the occasional interventions do not bother anyone.

He says, with a smile on his face, and with emotion that his album has been ready since last August, and that his last show dates back to November 2019, sowing general hilarity. He warns his fans and friends: “We are going to play you almost the integrity of Hello… and there will be some surprises”.

thing promised thing due

First surprise: Navet Confit interrupts the presentation of the new opus to announce that they are about to play their favorite song from Hello. “It’s the first time we’ve played it live,” he says. And that’s when he surprised the crowd by interpreting…. Store mannequinpossibly the artist’s most popular song, appearing on the album LOLreleased in 2015.

The crowd is over the moon and is dying of laughter. All sing with him, we notice once again that the crowd is one of regulars. Then follow the excellent pretentious to be alive, I am poor in opinion and miserable like my time as well as hello god.

Two spectators, who until then seemed very quiet in the front row, jump on stage, grab the microphones and ensure the segment scream of the room. They walk back into the crowd, to enthusiastic applause from the crowd.

This one leaves frankly perplexed, moreover. The energy she projects is somewhere between disarming familiarity and creeping I don’t care. It’s hard to believe that the artist has been evolving for fifteen years in the musical sphere.

After more than an hour, Fréchette announced that he had finished the “segment good morning ” of the evening. The songs that will follow will be songs from his previous albums. After a long series of thanks, he jumps down from the stage (located an impressive 5 centimeters from the ground) and performs a cover/karaoke version of The Greatest Love of All by Whitney Houston. He wanders through the crowd, microphone in hand, singing this serenade to his beloved audience.

we are all young professionals now, which appears on Justin Trudeau kinda party, shit you’re stupidwhich can be found on LOL as well as… Mannequin (in store) follow one another to the delight of the crowd.

The second part of the evening and the one where the spirits relax, both on stage and in the crowd. Now that the album is launched, we can start partying.

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Candied turnip launches hello | surprises and fun – – Le Webzine des Sorteux

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