Can guardian angels become fallen angels?

Can a guardian angel choose overnight to join Satan and by this choice lead us to Evil?

The fallen angels are those who have definitively refused to serve the absolute Good, which is God himself. They preferred to indulge in their own splendor and be self-sufficient. Scripture calls this episode the sin of the angels: “God did not spare the angels who had sinned, but delivered them chained to hellish darkness, where they are kept for judgment” (2P 2.4).

These angels are henceforth demons: “Scripture and the Tradition of the Church see in this being a fallen angel, called Satan or devil (cf. Jn 8, 44 ; Rev 12, 9). The Church teaches that he was first of all a good angel, made by God”, specifies the Catechism of the Catholic Church (#391). Can the rank of these fallen angels however increase with the good angels, and more precisely with the guardian angels?

A question of timing…

The answer to this question is directly linked to temporality. Being immaterial, the angel cannot be in earthly time nor in the time of eternity because he is not God. The angel is therefore in an intermediate time called the ævum which is proper to him. In this world, decisions made once remain so for eternity. Therefore, it is not possible for guardian angels to change their minds and suddenly join Satan. The good angels therefore remain faithful to the Lord forever.

On the other hand, fallen angels can “attack” man. Indeed, unable to do anything against God, they try to associate man with their revolt by distancing him from the Lord. And for this, “Satan himself disguises himself as an angel of light” (2 Cor 11, 14). However, its power is not infinite. As indicated by the Catechism of the Catholic Church :

“Even though Satan acts in the world out of hatred against God and his Kingdom in Jesus Christ, and though his action causes serious damage – of a spiritual nature and indirectly even of a physical nature – for every man and for society, this action is permitted. by divine Providence which with force and gentleness directs the history of man and of the world. Divine permission for diabolical activity is a great mystery, but “we know that God makes everything work together for good to those who love him” (Rom 8, 28)” (#395).

and human freedom

It should also be noted that, good or bad, angels are not powers independent of God who would act on our will by constraining our freedom. The man retains his freedom. The latter cannot be hindered by an angel, whether good or bad.

The following error can gradually creep into the soul of some faithful: the world and life would be subject to demiurgic tensions, that is, to the incessant struggle between good spirits and bad spirits, or between Angels and demons; man would then be overwhelmed by higher powers against which he could do nothing. Such a conception has the effect of weakening the sense of personal responsibility; moreover, it does not agree with the authentic teaching of the Gospel concerning the fight against the evil one; the Gospel demands, in fact, from the disciple of Christ moral righteousness, commitment to the Gospel, humility and prayer.

Some faithful may be tempted to consider the events of daily life in a schematic and simplistic, even childish way, making the Evil One responsible for their difficulties, including the smallest ones, and, on the contrary, attributing to the Angel Custodian of their positive successes and achievements; yet such interpretations have little or no relation to the person’s true spiritual progress in joining Christ. (Directory on popular piety and the liturgy n° 217).

Therefore, even if our guardian angels could cross over to Satan’s side, that would not mean that we too would cross over.

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Can guardian angels become fallen angels?

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