Birth of Jesus: Christic Revelation of the True Nature of Man

Saturday, December 24, 2022 ((–

To say that Jesus, the Incarnate Divine Word, came to show us God, is correct; but this, from the beginning, the Word even not yet incarnate, has assiduously, tirelessly accomplished through the theophanies – these divine manifestations which are the universe and its content constituting Creation – the interventions of God in history of his men, the writings and testimonies of the inspired, the proclamations and lessons of the prophets and sages. The testimonial jet of the Presence of God springs from everywhere aloud, in copious ink or in interior monologue and unspoken words under the inspiration of the Eternal Divine Word, in the works of true believers and anointed sages of all times.

If the Word became Man and dwelt among us, it was expressly to teach us the truth of our Humanity, the only mountain of flight for the spiritual ascent to the Father. For the Christian Humanized brought back to the strong intuition of his deep nature by the discovery of his own inner truth, is irresistibly awakened to the divine presence. The Word therefore came to reveal us to ourselves, so that we discover our vocation as sons of God through the awareness of our spiritual nature emanating from the ORIGINAL SPIRIT which is the Father whose Incarnate Word is the Sent.

If, as the wise elder said in his Old Testament homiletic, in which the Word was not yet incarnate, “the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom”, Jesus, the Incarnate Word, makes us understand that the Love is the realization of all the Original Wisdom of God. The Man of Faith manifests his Love, and confidently hands over the direction of his global being to God, whom he loves totally and without reserve. The Man of Faith recognizes that the Love of God is this Creational Reason, this sole motive which God obeyed in creating beings of conscience and feeling to share his Glory and live his Divine Love. Hence, without the metaphysical Love of God which is spiritual Faith, Man kills himself, because he deserts his objective Reason for Being, making himself unworthy to exist. Because the call of Love is in each of us and no one, unless deliberately deaf to its cries, can say that he is unaware of it.

He who loves God, knows that Everything can only be Good because God sees to it, he does not fear, he blindly trusts the Divine Love without shadow and without reserve. God’s Infinite Love for whoever believes in HIM, and His Goodness, is the only case where Faith can afford to be blind. Faith in Divine Love. It is therefore, trust in the Infinite Divine Goodness that kills all fear. For to fear is to doubt the Totality of Goodness.

To close this brief statement on the Incarnate Word, let’s talk a little about the dogma of Jesus, Only Son of God! For my part, I consider that the word “Unique” refers to the status of the first accomplished Man in the metaphysical History of the world who is Jesus, the Word Incarnate, the Son. It is a way of telling us that among humans, Jesus Christ is the special Archetype of the Realized Man, given the fall of the natural man evoked in the allegory of Adam falling through the lust of the senses – (in this case the sight, the touch, the taste) that he did not know how to transcend as so often us – for having abandoned the life of the Spirit from which he had nevertheless received the call, the codes and the way. It must be remarked, that far above our species, which is fairly fallen and poor in flesh and blood, the angels, in their angelicity, their stature of pure spirits, are called sons of God in the most ancient sacred books, as that of Job considered one of the oldest books in the bible.

May all those who believe, strive to be born to the Spirit by Faith which is the spiritual and metaphysical Love of Man accomplished for the Eternal Father, Love which the Incarnate Word among us has never ceased to manifest the crib to the cross, from birth to death and from Death to the celestial Enthronement via the Resurrection and the Ascension!

My wish for all conscious men who seek in Christ their own spiritual Birth, their metaphysical Nativity in Yahweh:
May by the undeserved Graces and Favors of the Incarnate Word manifested in a flesh similar to ours, to save us, all be flooded with Spiritual Life, Invested with the New Birth, Birth to the Spirit and may the spirituality of Christ carry us all , in all perseverance in the Faith, until the final spiritual Fulfillment, until Redemption and Eternal Bliss in the Love of the Father!


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Birth of Jesus: Christic Revelation of the True Nature of Man

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