Bernard Werber: “I think I lived in Atlantis, and the being that I was was so cool!”

The ants, The Thanatonauts, tomorrow cats… We no longer present Bernard Weber. Author of around thirty books, the writer from Toulouse is read all over the world. His stories make us travel in fascinating and sometimes frightening universes. On the occasion of the release of his latest novel, The Diagonal of the Queensand as Halloween approaches, The Pathfinder went to meet him to talk about his relationship to life and death, his travels in his past lives – such as the one spent in Atlantis – and his parallel and paranormal experiences.

You have to be interested in others. Most people are crazy and insane. They live with childhood wounds that distort their view of the world. Our truth is not that of everyone. So we all pretend to be normal and nice to try to connect with each other. People are not what they appear to be.

I think I’m a bit autistic. I live in an imaginary world and I would find it difficult to fit into a company. For seven years I was a science journalist at New Obs and I had the impression that the balance of power worked like in a court: there were the barons and the wax-pumps. I can’t fit into this system. It was already the case at school, and I found a loophole in novels.

“I like the idea that there was something before, and there will be something after. If we miss this life, we can come back and try to do better in the next one. »

Finally, I have the impression that we all live in bubbles of our own illusions and that we try to create bridges with others to communicate. It’s not natural, but it’s exciting. From the moment I became aware of all this, I made my characters bizarre, maladjusted beings, who have wounds and who interact with similar people.

There are two possibilities: either there is nothing, or there is something. The first seems more likely to me, but depressing. I have the great privilege of being a novelist, so I have nothing to prove and I can play with the second hypothesis. I like the idea that there was something before and there will be something after. If we miss this life, we can come back and try to do better in the next one. I want to take death out of the mystical and religious domain, which surrounds this idea of ​​fear.

We all have our own perception. Mine varies from day to day, but all I know is that every morning I thank the Universe for being alive. I say to myself: “Nice, one more day”, and I try to make the most of it by making my inner diamond shine, as Pink Floyd would say in the song Shine on You Crazy Diamond.

So it’s something that doesn’t scare you?

Above all, I’m afraid of dying without having carried out all my missions and of leaving with the feeling of not having made my inner diamond shine enough. I am happy to have achieved this famous “base of 30”: 30 novels, in 30 years, for 30 million readers in 30 countries. But I wonder: will I still have time to do something else?

Then there is necessarily the fear of illness or pain before dying. My mom had Alzheimer’s, and I’m afraid of losing my memory. It happens to me sometimes, when I’m looking a little too much for a word or the name of a famous person. I’m scared of the hard drive getting damaged.

I’m afraid of making a mistake in my choices, of hurting, and the stupidity of others who make their black diamond shine. Some people, like narcissistic perverts, take real pleasure in destroying those around them. They have this ability to extinguish the light of others. I am also afraid of addictions. I have seen so many people destroyed by alcohol, drugs or gambling.

The future of the planet also worries me a lot and for a very long time. Finally, I’m afraid that there is no extraterrestrial life. If North Korea has fun dropping a bomb a little too deep and it destroys the whole Earth, there will be nothing, no more second chances. All of these things are on my mind. I’m not a very relaxed boy, but writing brings me a lot and gives meaning to my life.

Speaking of second chances… do you believe in reincarnation?

The word “belief” does not exist in my system. I don’t believe in anything, I’m here to ask questions. Earlier, you asked me if I believed in life after death: I don’t know. Do I believe in past lives? I do not know either. However, I did regressive hypnosis which gave me the very strong illusion of finding myself in past lives, with a surprising amount of detail. I have insomnia every day, at 2:13 precisely.

“When I was 13, I met a kid my age who taught me to get up at 6 a.m., get into the lotus position, and slow my heart rate to get my mind off my mind. my body. »

I take advantage of this free time to go into my past lives. There is one that I particularly like, and that I describe in Pandora’s Box. I think I lived in Atlantis and the being that I was was so cool! Everything was slipping on him. He always said that “nothing is so bad”while I spend my time rehearsing “as long as it works”.

What other lives are you exploring?

I like my lives as women, because what’s in their heads is very different from what’s going on in men’s heads. I have been in the Orient or in South America, and I remember that their status was abominable. Conversely, it was much more interesting in Atlantis. It is the only life where I have seen harmonious relations between the two sexes. There was real equality and free speech. Couples came and went without guilt or justification. There was no possession or pain. Only fun. With us, everything is more serious and there is a real lack of communication.

Like everyone else, I have two brains: the left, which is scientific, and the right, which is interested in the irrational, the one that makes dreams and brings me my creativity. I grow both. I think those who say the irrational doesn’t exist are limited, and so are those who are fully occupied with the irrational. So I try to make bridges between the two. I am agnostic: I have no belief, but I ask myself questions and I inquire.

Have you ever had paranormal experiences?

When I was 13, I met a kid my age who taught me to get up at 6 a.m., get into the lotus position, and slow my heart rate to get my mind off my body. It’s not magic: he called it raja yoga. Past life experiences are also irrational, and my visit to Atlantis in a regressive hypnosis session is the craziest trip I’ve ever had.

Disney is also interested in Atlantis, in Atlantis, the lost empire.©Disney

I feel energies and entities. I believe that the world of the invisible is like that of the visible: there are good people and bad people. There are no demons or angels. There are people who take pleasure in annoying us and others in helping us. You just have to connect to this second category.

Previous generations lived in such fear of war, danger and famine that they had no time to develop a quiet spirituality. They weren’t going to sit still to slow their hearts and visit unseen worlds when they had nothing to eat. Today we take the time to close our eyes to explore our minds.

Have these trips, these feelings ever frightened you?

I don’t connect to entities. I think I have mediumship talents, but I don’t want to develop them. It’s a parallel universe that I don’t know. It’s as if I entered a forest without knowing how to tame tigers. When in doubt, I prefer not to enter it and remain cautious. I distrust anyone who connects to the world of the invisible.

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In the movie Ouijathe heroes try to get in touch with the invisible world.©Universal Pictures

I feel like there are a lot of people playing with these things in a reckless way and doing it wrong. I hope that my books will not make readers want to get into witchcraft and practices in which they could get lost. It is also a form of addiction.

People need to dream. The normal world is so disappointing – you only have to take the metro at rush hour to realize that. It is the theme of The Diagonal of the Queens : is it better alone or accompanied? We can apply it to the invisible world: are we better alone or connected? To me, this fashion of esotericism is a bit like the Wild West and there are more individuals who abuse it than really luminous people.

I believe that we are in a period where we are going to make many discoveries in the world of spirituality. It’s going to move, and for the better. There is an acceleration of history. But there will always be two choices: shadow or light – as in the Star wars. The dark path goes faster, and it tempts a lot of people, but the price to pay is enormous. We must always choose benevolence as an overall strategy for happiness.

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Bernard Werber: “I think I lived in Atlantis, and the being that I was was so cool!”

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