Beauty Angel France 2023: La Nanteuillaise, Julie Goursaud represents Ile-de-France!

Angel Beauté France, an election for all women. This Saturday, November 5, 2022, the third edition of Angel Beauté France will crown his Angel Beauty France 2023 to Michel Polnareff Cultural Center of Fontenay-Tresigny at 8:30 p.m. Among the 21 candidates, Julie GoursaudAngel Beauté Ile-de-France, represents the Region Ile-de-France and our Department. Living at Nanteuil-les-Meauxthe young woman of 25 years advocates benevolence, tolerance and spontaneity. Meeting with Julie Goursaud.

Julie Goursaud, 1m66 of Ile-de-France dream. Ambassador Ile-de-France 2018 and Beauty Angel Ile-de-France 2022, Julie Goursaud represented France’s Island on the national stage of Angel Beauté France in Fontenay-Tresigny. Particularly immersed in the world of beauty, the young woman followed her instinct by entering contests. Objective ? Represent the woman of today with its strengths and weaknesses.

  • For anecdote, two cousins ​​of Julie were crowned Miss Franche-Comté, they distinguished themselves on the Miss France stage. ” Seeing them on television is always a dream. » Today, it is the turn of Julie Goursaud to dazzle his support committee.

Angel Beauty France, what is it? This is a competition that opens at all women aged 18 to 25we have no criteria of height, weight… Tattoos and moms are accepted. The values ​​that we advocate… It is that we are all beautiful, beauty has no size. Anyone can live their dream as a little girl. » Swimwear, evening dress and city attire… Through several paintings, women reveal their personalities and their differences. ” A sublime show that will be choreographed by our choreographer on several scenes with a theme: Around the world. Each painting will represent a country. » Would you like to attend the show? There is still time to get your tickets, just here.

Founder Tiphaine Vadecard decided that we were Beauty Angels, angels of beauty. »

How is the competition organised? For two days, the young women parade and express themselves in front of a jury. ” On the first day, Friday, we have a personal passage of one minute and thirty seconds per candidatewhich allows candidates to reveal themselves. Thanks to this first interview, the jury discovers the candidates and their particularities. ” We choose what we want. If you want to dance, sing, talk about your passion… It’s free! We don’t have to speak, but there will be a few questions asked by the jury. » On Saturday, November 5, 2022, the final stage of the election is open to the public. Between the speech and the show… You won’t be bored!

Benevolence, spontaneity and solidarity… As Angel Beauté Ile-de-France, Julie Goursaud represents the modern woman in coherence with her time. ” I would like to advocate the value of tolerance, whether we have a more tolerant world. There are many mentalities that remain closed, it’s a shame. » Accompanied by the Angel Beauty France Committee, the young woman gains self-confidence. ” I felt a lot of kindness in this committee with the desire to prove that we are all beautiful and gain self-confidence. That’s why I decided to introduce myself. It is a very family committee, there is a lot of benevolence. They are always there to give advice, it’s a family spirit, even with the other candidates. Between the general knowledge test and the stage performance (smile, gait), the jury is looking for a woman who represents all the diversity of our hexagon. ” In no case do we judge beauty. We first look for a person, an inner heart. » The Angel Beauté France 2023 will be elected thanks to its personality, and not, for its beauty.

How is Julie getting ready? Dresses, speeches and approach… Every detail counts! ” I can’t wait, I’m a little stressed, I’m getting ready… My suitcase is almost ready ! Unlike other competitions, candidates choose their outfits. ” It has to represent us. “Makeup, shoes and dresses… They have the last word! ” I have many relatives who come to support me. I will be able to convey positive messagesif I am elected. Accompanied by her first lady (the equivalent of a first runner-up), Julie Goursaud is already aiming for a first scarf, that of the lady-in-waiting (audience award). By liking and following our candidateyou can help him win this scarf.

  • Julie Goursaud is also Lady of Honor Angel Beauté Ile-de-France 2022.

For me, we all have very interesting messages to convey, we are all different, that’s what makes the strength of this contest. This Saturday, November 5, 2022, the third edition of Angel Beauté France will crown its Angel Beauté France 2023 at the Michel Polnareff Cultural Center in Fontenay-Trésigny at 8:30 p.m. To support Julie, all you have to do is take her place, just here, to vote for her, at public voting time. We believe in it, Julie can bring the crown home!

  • I will return my title, Angel Beauté Ile-de-France in March 2023, it will take place in Crégy-lès-Meaux in Seine-et-Marne. » Follow the news of the Ile-de-France Committee, by clicking, just here.

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Beauty Angel France 2023: La Nanteuillaise, Julie Goursaud represents Ile-de-France!

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