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In 2016, Aurélie Preston participated in Les Anges 8 on NRJ12. A real nightmare for the young woman who has experienced harassment from other candidates. On Instagram, the former reality TV participant unveiled an old extract from the Mag proving the relentlessness to which she was subjected.

Aurelie Preston has definitely drawn a line under reality TV. The young woman will never forget her participation in season 8 of Angels on NRJ12in 2016. A shooting that turned into a nightmare as she was harassed by certain candidates and in particular Sarah Fraisou, who had made her pet peeve. And if this one made its mea culpa, Aurélie Preston remains traumatized for life. The latter even recently made attempted suicide but got away with it. Determined to take control of her life and denounced all forms of harassment, she confided in an open heart in his book, broken. The opportunity also for her to publicize his fight and help those who are or have been victims like her. As she launched a big call to Emmanuel Macron to open “victimology centers“to offer specialized support for people who have lived”harassment, humiliation and psychological violence“, Aurélie Preston wanted to make an impression by coming out an archive of the magazine The Magazinedating from 2016which at the time preceded the episodes of angels.

Aurélie Preston victim of mockery in Le Mag de NRJ12

On her Instagram account, Aurélie Preston unveiled an excerpt froma column presented by Martial Bétirac in which he made fun of his participation in Angels and especially his discomfort. “Once upon a time, there was a young and pretty young girl with the sweet first name of Aurélie. She lived in France, peaceful, near Marseilles. While she was enjoying happy times, Aurélie would make a decision that would change her life forever: fly to Hawaii to join a family that would never accept her. A fairy tale that will turn into a nightmare“, launches the one who hosted the NRJ12 program, beforea parody, again mocking the candidate, is broadcast. A magneto where she was described as “the poor little girl who had hardly any friends” and whose “naughty little comrades spent their time making fun of her“. A humiliation engraved forever in his memory.

There are things that I will never forget. I’m not dumbfounded when I see that we let this kind of thing (1 of many others) be broadcast“, she said on Instagram, making a new foot call to Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron. By (re)discovering this sequence, internet users were shocked by so much violence. “We too will not forget. It must never happen again. How could they reach this level of omnipotence in the eyes of all?!“, “This is called harassment“, “Was that supposed to be funny? This is super embarrassing, and above all unacceptable!“, “It’s so shocking” or “It’s really shameful to see that on TV. He has no respect“, can we read in the comments. Unbearable images.

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Aurélie Preston harassed in Les Anges : this old column of Mag de NRJ12 which revolts internet users – X Gossip

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