Are you unbeatable on the origin of the names of the Saiyans of Dragon Ball?

In Dragon Ball, the name of the Saiyans is always inspired by names of vegetables. There’s no reason for it, and there’s not even any relationship between the characters and the vegetables in the show. It’s just a mechanism set up by Akira Toriyama in his manga, just for fun. And the Saiyans are not the only ones, since the name of the Namekians is also inspired by gastropods, the name of the Gods of Destruction is inspired by alcohols (just like the name of the Angels), the name of the Cerealians is inspired by cereals, and even Bulma’s family names are inspired by underwear.

For example, the name of Bulma comes from the English “bloomer”, which in Japan refers to women’s sports shorts. His father’s name, Doctor Brief, means “underpants” (male underwear). Re Trunks, this is the English word for “underpants”. The name of Bra, Bulma’s daughter, means “bra”. The name of Tights, Bulma’s sister, means “tights” in English, like underwear. Regarding Bulma’s mother, she has no name in the Dragon Ball manga. However, in a 2004 interview featured in the book Dragon Ball Forever, Akira Toriyama said that if he had to give it a name, he would call it Panchy, in reference to the English word “panty”, which means small panties. This is also the name that was later used in Dragon Ball SD. On the other hand, in the Dragon Ball Z Kakarot video game, it is clearly written that her name is Bikini at least twice:

  • Dr. Brief to Bulma: “Bikini, your mother, helped me a lot with this. »
  • In Secrets of Dr. Brief 1: “His wife, Bikini, is just as simple-minded as he is. »

But who cares, we’re here to talk about the origin of the names of the Saiyans. So if you’re a fan of the franchise, you probably know most of the characters below. But do you know the etymology of each of their first names, and the vegetables to which they refer? Get out a blank sheet, surprise check.

The origin of the name of the Saiyans

To begin with, the name “Terrien” of Son Goku just Sun Wukongthe Monkey King, main hero of the Chinese novel Journey to the West which is inspired by Dragon Ball. That’s why Goku’s first attributes were a monkey tail, a sacred staff, and a magic cloud. So nothing to do with vegetables, and it’s a safe bet that at the creation of Dragon Ball, Akira Toriyama was certainly unaware that Goku was an alien.

Sun Wukong Son Goku
  • Son Goku’s Saiyan name is Kakarotwho comes from carrot.
  • The name of Vegeta comes from english vegetables (vegetables).
  • The name of Broly come from broccoli.
Origin Name Goku Vegeta Broly
  • The name of Raditzjust radish.
  • The name of Nappa come from Napa cabbage.
  • The name of bardock comes from english burdock (burdock).
Origin Name Raditz Nappa Bardock
  • The name of pumbukin comes from english pumpkin.
  • The name of Cabba comes from english cabbage (cabbage).
  • The name of Caulifla comes from english cauliflower (cauliflower).
Origin Name Pumbukin Cabba Caulifla
  • The name of Gine comes from Japanese negi (leek).
  • The name of Selipa comes from Japanese paseri (parsley).
  • The name of toma just tomato.
Origin Name Gine Selipa Toma
  • The name of Paragus comes from english asparagus (asparagus).
  • The name of Beets comes from english beets.
  • The name of Kale comes from english kale (kale).
Origin Name Paragus Beets Kale
  • The name of Renso comes from Japanese hourensou (spinach).
  • The name of Thales (or Tullece) comes from English lettuce (lettuce).
  • The name of Toteppo comes from Japanese poteto (potato).
Origin Name Renso Thales Toteppo

Do you know any other names with very specific etymologies in Dragon Ball? Write them in comments so that we add them to this article!

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Are you unbeatable on the origin of the names of the Saiyans of Dragon Ball?

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