Angels of Happiness: What Happened to Della Reese?

She was an angel before her time. In the M6 ​​series, Les Anges du Bonheur, Della Reese made an impression. What happened to the one who played Tess for nine seasons?

The viewers of M6 definitely remember this series aired from November 8, 1996, The Angels of Happiness. This American fiction of more than 200 episodesstaged the life of Monica and Tess, two angels sent to Earth to help people who were in difficulty. Thanks to the divine messages they perceived, they could thus guide them and remind them that God had not forgotten them. To embody one of these two angels, Della Reese had been chosen.

Born in Detroit, Michigan in 1931, Della Reese began her career as a singer in the 1950s, from which titles such as Don’t You Know in the American repertoire. Although his musical career is a success with, among other things, a ten-year residency in Las Vegas, the actress began hosting a talk show in 1969 then continued with the filming of several television films and television series, including The House of Yes, Sanford and Sonbefore being called to join The Angels of Happiness of which she interprets besides, the song of the credits. Broadcast on the American channel CBS for nine seasons, the series was a real success and made Della Reese, (Patricia Early of her real name) very popular.

Della Reese (The Angels of Happiness) caught up in illness

A popularity which the actress could have enjoyed but which was quickly ruined before the series ended. In 2002, during the Larry King’s Showshe publicly announces that she has type 2 diabetes. She then began a fight against the disease, became spokesperson for the American Diabetes Association and traveled the United States to do prevention.

However, she continues to appear in different series. We find it in The Fires of Lovein 2009 where she plays Devon’s grandmother. We meet her in Raven Phenomenonteen series and then in My Secret Santa Claus in 2013. Honored by Oprah Winfrey at a ceremony with 25 other African American women in 2005, Della Reese passed away on November 19, 2017 at the age of 86.


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Angels of Happiness: What Happened to Della Reese?

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