Alpha 55: Success story of a “Made in Casa” brand

If Paris has its Gifi on Avenue de Clichy, Casablanca has its Alpha 55, set up as a store on Avenue Mers Sultan. The two signs have in common to supplant the major brands by duplicating their general utility products at “shock” prices. But there was a time when the Casablanca store was the headquarters of golden youth, families moving in the upper echelons of the state and common fashionistas. It was in 1956, when Abdeslam Benghanem put down his suitcases in Casablanca where he created his company in Derb Omar and specialized, at the beginning of his adventure, in the importation of scarves, before chaining, according to decades, with designer textiles, branded cosmetics, toys, school supplies, household appliances, furnishings, interior decoration, etc.

A few years after the launch of the project, the formula was so successful that the crowd, to enter this ordered universe, projected itself over the entire Mustapha Maani Avenue. As a result, and on the proposal of the local authorities, the Benghanems appropriated a new address in order to be able to welcome all the faithful of the brand, i.e. the store they occupy to this day. Alpha 55, or simply “Alpha” for short, therefore flourished at the end of the 1970s, at a time when the lingerie department, stocked with naughty clothes, still annoyed the fiercest who hastened to look away at the approach of the floor so enticing…

In the mid-1980s, millennials proudly wore their t-shirts and satchels with the effigy of the characters from the “Care Bears” cartoon. A few years later, it was the turn of their younger brothers and sisters to make Made in Alpha 55 parades of clothes signed “Smurfs”. Then came the years “Pokémon Mania”, “Hannah Montana”, “S club Seven” , “High School Musical” where the cutest and most “trendy” gifts certainly came from the shelves of this large store in terms of size and history.

Fashion bearing the effigy of children’s favorite characters, and stars adored by teenagers, therefore marked memories until the end of the 90s, years when the store was already the essential address for all unconventional purchases: gadgets for Achoura, disguises for Halloween, angel hair, bells or Christmas trees. The marketing promise “there is always something going on there” is therefore anything but fake.


For many decades, Alpha 55 has been the only place where nationals and foreigners can invest in a real Christmas tree and in a decoration worthy of the name. Even today, in this period of the end of the year, between Christmas and New Year’s Day, Alpha 55 is the automatic answer to the question “where can I buy my Christmas decoration?” Because in a spirit of openness and tolerance, more and more Moroccans have the heart to celebrate as New Year’s Eve approaches without thinking of apostasy or denying their faith.

Whatever their social level, many of them say they are attracted by the ornamental, playful, colorful and colorful aspect of the festivities, even if it is clear that most of them belong to the intermediate socio-economic classes or superior. All in all, according to the latest news, Alpha 55 has taken up residence in the Anfa Place shopping center, in the heart of Casablanca, as well as in the Myriades of Bouskoura, to the delight of lovers of the brand.

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Alpha 55: Success story of a “Made in Casa” brand

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