After two years of absence, the Braderie de Lille, “it was really missing”

Successful return. The great Braderie de Lille, which is being held this weekend in Lille, has attracted a lot of people around this event considered the largest flea market in Europe: 80 kilometers of stalls and some 8,000 exhibitors, for “two to three million visitors”, predicted, somewhat ambitiously, the town hall of Lille.

This large-format garage sale was particularly awaited, after two years of absence linked to the Covid-19 crisis. It didn’t smell of pee everywhere, contrary to the prediction of the mayor (PS), Martine Aubry. And both exhibitors and bargain hunters had found their smiles again.

“In two years, we have accumulated stuff”

“What we missed was the atmosphere,” emphasizes Pierre, exhibiting near the Opera. We don’t do this to make money but to get rid of what we have accumulated at home. And, in two years, we have accumulated stuff. Accompanied by a few friends, he set up the competition for the unsaleable object: a classic from the Braderie de Lille.

“With us, it’s a paperweight with a flower inside. Well, we’ve already managed to get one out of the two we had for sale,” he rejoices. A little further on, a few young people have set up a stand with a chamboule-tout. The principle: win the garment of your choice for one euro. “The clearance sale is a festive moment that we missed a lot, especially for us young people,” notes Adriano, who is exhibiting for the first time.

“It feels good to be there, it was really missing! We have accumulated stock for two years, we have 30 or 40% more stock, says Breton second-hand dealer Didier Cloarec, 64. Here, sales are much better than elsewhere. But there is also the clearance sale spirit, this festive side, the mixing of languages”.

“It’s good for the economy and morale”

Catering professionals are also delighted with this return. “It’s good for the economy and morale,” enthused Laurent Rigaud, president of the Chamber of Trades and Crafts, to AFP. “We will find these large tables”, with “regional products and international visitors, it will be exceptional”.

As before, a restaurant was authorized to install a mussel shell park during the Lille 2022 braderie. – G. Durand / 20 Minutes

Amid, bartender at the Vieux Faubourg, is indeed thrilled. In this brasserie near Lille Flandres station, mussels and fries are 10 euros, one of the most modest prices. “We make them for 10 euros to satisfy everyone,” he explains simply. He too had a bad experience of the two years of absence. “It was boring, he slips. We are happy to work like that again. It’s important to have people. It’s a pleasure”.

The sale, “everyone was waiting for it”, according to Martine Aubry who made her traditional visit with the journalists on Saturday. “This return to school is tough,” she said. There is inflation, concerns with the war (…) People need to meet and in addition we are really in tune with the times, since we are the biggest second-hand, economy event circular. »

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After two years of absence, the Braderie de Lille, “it was really missing”

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