A former candidate of the Angels transformed by surgery

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– Published on May 19, 2022 at 11:24

A former candidate of the Angels is completely transformed by cosmetic surgery and the shocking images made Internet users react.

Cosmetic surgery can sometimes really transform a person’s face. This is particularly the case of a former candidate of the Angels. Remember Myriam Abel, who had won season 3 of Nouvelle Star. After having made a career in song, she joined NRJ12 to develop new projects. On May 17, 2022, viewers were able to find her on screen in the program The 10 shows we miss the most on C8. And surprise, the one who became a mother of two girls was shocked because of her metamorphosis. The 41-year-old artist now has fuller lips and very pronounced cheekbones, which internet users have noticed..

On Twitter, many reacted to the images: “How you go from Myriam Abel to Myriam Amoche in a few strokes of the scalpel… What a waste! », “Omggg Myriam Abel but she is horrible. What did she do?? The poor “, “Oh Myriam Abel, what did she do?! This face, what a pity! », “The ravages of cosmetic surgery on the face of Myriam Abel… Abused! », “Shocked to see her tonight deformed by surgery. She was so naturally beautiful. She doesn’t look like anything anymore #DonaldDuck. »

Miriam Abel: At the time of Nouvelle Star, I had a bodyguard »

Myriam Abel returned to her career in Nouvelle Star, which allowed her to shine in the spotlight: “The three months of adventure, it’s three months where we are in a little cocoon, the magic of bonuses, it’s great because we are with the musicians, we have all the production that takes care of of us, who pampers us” she explained in The 10 shows we miss the most before adding: “Notoriety at the time was crazy. Me, at the time of Nouvelle Star, I had a bodyguard with me, because it was a crowd that followed me. » Today, she urges all those who would like to try the adventure one day to start without hesitation.

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A former candidate of the Angels transformed by surgery

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