A father walks his 4 children on a leash, Internet users in shock!

Between us shared the testimony of a father who has been strongly criticized on the web. The reason ? He walked with his children on a leash. The video the man shared quickly went viral. Many Internet users reacted. We take stock in this article.

The daily life of a father of quintuplets

Jordan Driskell is the father of five children. Five-year-old quintuplets. As being at the head of such a tribe is not easy, he and his wife are sometimes forced to improvise.

This is especially what they do when they walk with their young. Indeed, when Jordan and his wife go out with their children, they tie them to a leash. The thing is, the little ones are a bit too rambunctious.

“Children are so curious, they want to run around and explore. For our peace of mind and sanity, we use a leash. It also allows us to leave the house and do fun things with the family without being stressed, ”explained the father of the family in the columns of TODAY Parents.

Jordan said that he and his wife used to walk their quintuplets in the past. a six-seater stroller. However, this stroller has become too small as her toddlers have grown. Moreover, these “want to walk”. They enjoy the ride better that way.

That’s why Jordan and his wife decided to use a leash. This allows market children and parents to always be in control.

The father criticized because of a video

Jordan was far from suspecting that he was going to find himself at the heart of a controversy because of this practice. Indeed, after the father of the family published a video in which we see him walking with his children on a leash, he suffered many criticisms.

Some Internet users were particularly unhappy. They didn’t understand how a father could treat his children this way.

“You could just educate your children. Explain to them why it is dangerous to run away”, “Don’t have so many children if you can’t handle the pressure”, “They are human beings, not dogs”, commented indignant Internet users.

Were Jordan and his wife right to do so? According to parenting expert Dr. Deborah Gilboa, the answer is yes. As she explained, child safety advocates over everything else. For her, what the parents of the quintuplets did is “creative problem solving”.

“It’s not treating children like animals. 99.9% of dads and moms want the best for their children,” said the specialist.

The latter nevertheless specified that this solution cannot be used on the long term. Parents will need to stop using a leash once children age 8-9.

Internet users save a man

Like Jordan Driskell, a certain Alex Griswold posted a video that made many of his subscribers react. A video that somehow saved his life. It all started in December 2019. The young man shared a short montage on which he appears from behind for a fraction of a second.

A short period of time that allowed Internet users to detect something abnormal about him. Indeed, its subscribers have noticed a suspicious mole behind Alex’s back. They then warned him, but he didn’t want to hear anything.

“For a few weeks I almost didn’t take their advice because I didn’t really think it was a problem,” he said.

When he finally decides to see a dermatologist, the specialist tells him some shocking news. Her mole is carcinogenic and he must have an operation as soon as possible.

According to him, Alex was very lucky, because if he had been slow to be examined, he could have ended very badly. Fortunately, Internet users have warned him. Thanks to his last, the young man avoided the worst.

Here is whatAlex Griswold concluded from this story:

“The reaction online has been extremely positive (…) I have learned that it is important to take care of your body and seek all the help you think you need”

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A father walks his 4 children on a leash, Internet users in shock!

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