5 Signs A Deceased Is Trying To Get In Touch With You According To A Psychic

A drop in temperature and a feeling of being watched

To manifest, the deceased needs energy. “When a ghost, entity or deceased person seeks contact with you, it is felt in the atmosphere: the temperature drops as the entity takes on an energy form in the room”, explains Jean-Didier.

Another well-known sensation is the feeling of being watched. “You’re going to feel like someone is staring at you when no one is there, you will feel a physical presence“, notes the medium.

In addition, it happens that the deceased come forward in your dreams… Here’s how to decode their messages.

Dreams, the main gateway to the dead

The deceased also manifest themselves in dreams. “This is the main gateway to get in touch. When we dream of a deceased person, it is that it is she who came to see us, she found this door to communicate something to us. It may be interesting to directly write down somewhere the message that was transmitted to the alarm clockin order to decode it afterwards”, advises Jean-Didier.

This manifestation is often coupled with a shape that takes shape on the bed : “It feels like someone has sat down at the foot of the bed as if to convey a message or tell a story”, continues the specialist.

Signs, smells, “chances”…

After the death of a loved one, we are often more sensitive to signs of life. These manifestations may be a sign that your deceased is trying to get in touch with you. “It can be a bird that lands on the window and stares at you if your deceased loved birds”, articulates Jean-Didier. A butterfly fluttering around you, a strong smell of roses in the room while your loved one loved flowers… You have to pay attention to those signs which, in other circumstances, would not have particularly affected you.

Your deceased can also try to come forward through your surroundings. For example, a guest offers you something your deceased knew you liked. “When we are in this state of mind, mourning, we are in another dimension, we have a different sensitivity“, sums up Jean-Didier. About your loved ones still alive…

But also meetings and discussions

This demonstration can also be done via the use of a word, a term, a nickname that your deceased used by a third person.

“Your guardian angel also puts people in your way. If she knew you wanted to change careers, she’ll put someone in your path who will help you make that professional change.”

To note : the deceased never generates harm for the person with whom he comes into contact. On the contrary, it will look to you warn against what could harm you. “For example, if you have an appointment and the deceased knows that it will be negative for you, he will do what he can to prevent you by causing a car breakdown”, he concludes.

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5 Signs A Deceased Is Trying To Get In Touch With You According To A Psychic

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