10 steps to getting into the right mindset

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Your state of mind constitutes all of your thoughts, your beliefs, your habits which have crystallized and which are directly inherited from your past as well as from the quality of the education you have received.

Your mind is ultimately “the control center” where your choices materialize (conscious or not) which therefore determine ipso facto your future and all the consequences relating to it.

Your state of mind therefore also impacts how others perceive you since it could be directly associated with the energies and forces that you release. (Or their absence…)

You will be able to qualify as optimist, open, lucky, progressive, sociable, sympathetic, passionate, rigorous, perfectionist, creative or its reverse.

Depending on your history, your relationship with others, your perception of reality, your temperament, your character, your centers of interest, your sensitivity, your feelings, your expectations, your lucidity, your traumas, your level of consciousness, etc. All of this forms a whole that can be described as a state of mind.

Not to be confused with moods. Since the moods contrary to the state of mind are hyper variable and very changeable. A trifle sending you to heaven, a setback sending you back to hell….

Moreover many underestimate the power of the attitude which alone determines in the last resort and in the last resort who will succeed and who will fail. Success or failure to understand and hear over the long term.

We automatically and naturally have more respect, more empathy for someone with the “right” attitude, i.e.: humble, respectful, inspiring, generous, radiant, fulfilled, listening, sharing, hard-working, benevolent and who -necessarily- fulfills and realizes herself.

In Medieval Japan, the Samurai evoked and taught their disciples the philosophy that had become their art of living “the right gesture at the right time”, that is to say, being here and now, by adopting the right posture, the right breathing. , the right thought, the right inspiration in front of which it is necessary to place the right action and all this in the most intuitive way possible.

What is quite significant in this process is that nothing is fixed, everything is fluid. No victory is eternal. No defeat is permanent.

Your Mindset, your state of mind is modifiable at will, provided of course that you give yourself the means and have enough will and pugnacity to impose it on yourself. Do not wait for an alignment of the planets or external events to stimulate you. Confidence is an energy emanating from within and which diffuses outwards, like solar radiation for example.

So if the burning fire of the “desire” to change, to succeed, to be successful and to accomplish what really drives you (your vocation), burns your soul and your heart then I guarantee it you are already at a not success because you already have the right mindset. (More than halfway done already)

At this stage, some financial questions arise and still deserve to be asked:

What is your real relationship to money? (Not the one you overplay against your banker)

How do you really handle it? Do you make it bear fruit or do they burn your fingers? Be honest ! It is an exercise in transparency with and towards yourselves.

Do you keep a budget? Have you trained in personal finance? Do you read this type of literature? Do you listen to podcasts? Are you part of a real or virtual self-help group on the Net?

In short, what are you doing concretely to change your situation?

According to Einstein no problem can be solved without changing the level of consciousness that generated it, we can here easily substitute “level of consciousness” by mindset or state of mind.

The state of mind of the bodybuilder having nothing to do with that of the obese (the habits, the lifestyle, the energy, the interests, the charisma, the expectations, the social relations are at the antipodes), as the he state of mind of the “rich” has nothing to do with that of the “poor”.

Let’s try to identify this “rich” spirit:

Where one will see an opportunity, the other will see the obstacle.

Where one will see success, the other will perceive failures.

Where one will see Luck, the other will feel fear.

Where one will be rigorous, the other will be dilettante.

Where one will be disciplined, the other will be without objectives and therefore without a compass.

Where one will be focus, the other will be -stupidly and basely-entertained.

Where one will be demanding, the other will be relaxed.

Where one will be patient, the other will be totally messy

Where one will perceive success, the other will feel the paralyzing risk.

Where one will build its network, the other will be isolated….

Unfortunately, we cannot count on national education, which ultimately only wishes to train good taxpayers and wise consumers, nor on the mainstream media such as television channels or radio stations – generally – owned by billionaires in search of neutralization of politicians in order to obtain ever more “power” over them and to the detriment of the general interest and more influence on the public by controlling their beliefs and their states of mind, precisely.

Don’t count on columnists who claim to be specialists in economics but who are totally incapable of predicting a crisis and who are -definitely- incompetent to enrich themselves and achieve financial independence.

Despite this open-air prison, thank God, there are plenty of solutions.

Provided of course that you have the right frame of mind, that is to say, give yourself the means to get there by selecting quality information, that which would be likely to change your life. By adopting the “Millionaire” mindset.

Read, learn, learn, evolve, get started, achieve. Have an open mind to new beliefs that lead to wealth.

Step 0: Changing mindset. Surely the hardest thing to do is to get out of the Matrix. Adopt the right attitude of hard work, modesty, humility while being conciliatory, benevolent and sure of yourself.

Step 1 : Train yourself by reading as many books as possible in personal finance and financial education. By raising your level. By forging your own monetary, financial, economic and entrepreneurial culture. Read the business press (Entreprendre, Les Echos, Challenges, La Tribune, etc.)

Books such as Millionaire Next Door in French, Your Money or Your Life (Available in French Vicki Robin), Rich Father Poor Father (Robert Kyosaki), The Richest Man in Babylon to boot.

2nd step : Budget your expenses. At the rate of one hour per week (Sunday for example) which will allow you to know where you are. That is to say, know your expenses, your cash inflows. Begin to master the notion of Assets and Liabilities.

Step 3: Stick to your budget. This will increase your self-confidence and allow you to improve your situation considerably.

Step 4 : Eliminate unnecessary expenses or postpone as far as possible in time.

Step 5: Automate your savings (Livret A, PEA, online current account, etc.) there are many solutions.

Step 6: Invest your savings either:

-In rental real estate (Apartments/Houses/Car parks/Shops/Chalets: Holiday homes and seasonal work, etc.) to receive monthly rents that can be described as “annuities”. Congratulations you are annuitants.

-In the Stock Market, mainly on shares (where you will receive an annual dividend and see the share price increase, let’s adopt the optimistic state of mind 🙂). You also have the option of investing in indices such as the S&P500, which yields an average of 9% per year (yes, you read that right)

-Entrepreneurship: Either by creating or investing in a successful franchise, for example, or by participating in fundraising if you believe in the project and in the entrepreneur behind it.

Step 7: Adopt a rigorous management where you reinvest (a large part) of your gains to increase your heritage, your wealth and your fortune.

Step 8: Increase your firepower by associating with people who have the right mindset. Get advice from Professionals (Wealth Managers, Lawyers, Tax Experts, Notaries, Wealth Advisors, etc.)

Step 9: Develop your intuition, your creativity and your reactivity to seize the opportunities that really suit you.

Step 10: Always remain passionate, money will never be an end but a means to achieve great things. That is to say, projects and realizations that are really close to your heart.

Bonus Stage: Live this life fully, Share truly, Love sincerely and Think about making the most of it….

And you then, tell me what is your state of mind? Are you starting to get the “Millionaire” spirit?

MEJRI Bassem

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10 steps to getting into the right mindset

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