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Although Sam and Dean Winchester are the stars of 15 one-season series Supernatural, there are many other beloved recurring characters (especially Bobby Singer, who was played by Jim Beaver). While the Winchesters are smart in their own rights, they often run to their surrogate father for help – from hunting research to family advice.

Bobby was the genius hunter behind Sam and Dean’s successful missions, and sadly, he didn’t get the credit he was due. Particularly by his boys but they loved each other unconditionally and the Winchesters knew without a doubt that if not for Bobby they would have died on a hunt long ago.

Children are the future

“Kids aren’t supposed to be grateful! They are supposed to eat your food and break your heart”

As Bobby is dying in a heartbreaking episode of Supernatural, he is forced to confront visions of his past (including times with his abusive father). The reason Bobby never had children with his wife Karen was because he was afraid of becoming like his father. But to find his boys, Bobby finally confronts his father.

Bobby rightly tells her that people need to earn respect rather than expect it instantly. And while raising Sam and Dean, Bobby realizes that kids shouldn’t need to be grateful to their parents just for taking care of them. Children shouldn’t have to feel the weight of parents’ expectations of gratitude for just being there.

He had a weekend off

“Solid iron. Completely covered in salt. 100% anti-ghosting. »

In typical Bobby fashion, he reveals that he built a panic room in his basement. First featured in “Are You There God? It’s Me, Dean Winchester,” the cylindrical, iron, salt-covered room provides a completely ghost-proof refuge for witnesses after the boys.

Used multiple times throughout Seasons 4, 5, and 6, building the Panic Room is a stroke of genius on Bobby’s part. With several devil traps (inside and outside the room) and many Enochian seals, the room protects Bobby’s boys from ghosts, angels and demons and is useful when Sam detoxes from the blood of Devil.

Never underestimate him

“Before you were born, it was a long time/Kimi Ga Umareru Mae Kara Zutto Dayo/ (I have) always (known Japanese) since before you were born.”

An impressive surprise for Sam and the viewers is Bobby’s ability to speak and read Japanese fluently. This moment in Supernatural was suggested by Jim Beaver as he knows a little Japanese after studying it for two years. Bobby is also known to understand Latin, French and easily translate other ancient languages.

While a hilarious Supernatural meme suggests Bobby saying “Fuck you Sam, you’re not the only one here learning fancy books” is incorrect. Via Twitter, Jim Beaver explained the exact translation of the line. Bobby and Beaver’s intelligence and love of languages ​​clearly knows no bounds.

beer time

“A little holy water in the beer. Sam would never have noticed. But then, you’re not Sam.”

Although Sam and Dean are the protagonists of the series, they even need saving from time to time and the person who usually does this is Bobby (especially in the early seasons before Castiel’s arrival). Before the brothers have the brilliant idea of ​​getting matching tattoos that prevent demonic possession, Sam is possessed by Meg.

Although it takes Dean a while to realize this, Bobby knows it almost immediately thanks to this very clever trick. Spiking drinks with holy water is a brilliant Bobby security measure that was probably developed sometime after his wife was possessed. With demons frequently terrorizing his life, it was a stroke of genius from Bobby that paid off.

His trump card

“Wood chipper, that – that pretty much trumps everything.”

Most monsters must be killed with incredibly specific methods, especially the weirdest monsters in Supernatural. In Season 6, monsters from all over the world pop up in unexpected places such as an Okami – a Japanese creature named after a wolf believed to be a messenger of kami spirits.

Usually they can only be killed by stabbing them seven times with a bamboo dagger (blessed by a Shinto priest. The Okami revives while buried on Bobby’s property and chases his neighbor Marcy for food However, without the dagger, Bobby is able to defeat and kill him using Marcy’s wood chipper, it’s an inspired moment of ingenuity and hunter instinct that saves many lives.

Sharper than Sherlock

“You have a crook on your hands… I have to tell you, you were the biggest clue.”

When Sam and Dean are stuck on a case, it’s a habit to call Bobby for help. It’s a good thing they did when the brothers met a Trickster – or Gabriel, as fans will learn later. While Sam and Dean are too busy bickering like “an old married couple” or real siblings, Bobby solves the case.

He realizes through the brothers’ animosity that a Trickster is playing havoc with them so they can’t even think straight. Off the top of his head, Bobby remembers exactly the modus operandi of these chaotic demigods and helps save the day – or so the Trickster led them to believe.

natural actor

“My mother. Just a second. Great, great. Now mix the herbs. Sauté over high heat. Cook well.”

This brilliant episode shows exactly how far Bobby goes to help Sam and Dean. Even though he’s busy torturing a demon to figure out how to end his contract with Crowley, he spends hours researching and even breaks into a college library to get more books. Early in the morning the next day, Bobby finds a possible way to kill the Lamia they are looking for and doesn’t even get a thank you.

When this method fails, Dean calls while the FBI is at Bobby’s door looking for Rufus. Under the watchful eye of Agent Adams and Jody Mills, Bobby walks Dean through exactly how to kill this ancient Greek monster in culinary code. It’s easy to follow and impossible to detect but it works wonders for the boys, who realize in this episode how much Bobby helps them.

Always listen to Bobby

Binsfeld’s classification of demons. In 1589, Binsfeld identified the seven sins – not just as human vices but as actual demons.”

Shortly after the character’s introduction, fans learn that Bobby is always right. With research skills that put academics to shame, his knowledge is vast. He is rarely wrong when it comes to lore, and he is proven to understand fables from multiple countries (from Japanese folklore to Greek mythology).

In the Season 3 premiere, Bobby uses a lesser-known reference point as opposed to Dante and researches Peter Binsfeld, a German bishop and theologian who classifies demons as princes of hell and are true manifestations of the seven. Sins. This shows that his intelligence and search abilities are potentially endless against these medieval demons and trigger-happy hunters.

He can dig it

“There must be an easier way to dig graves.”

During the 15 seasons of Supernatural, countless graves have been dug to salt and burn the ghosts’ bones. Despite this, Sam and Dean have never found a faster or easier way to do it, except using shovels and brute force. However, in a flashback during this season 11 episode, Bobby proves that he works smarter, not harder by bringing a digger to the cemetery.

This genius gesture that saves time and energy is one that Bobby does more than once. “Weekend At Bobby’s” shows the character using his own mechanical shovel to make the grave of a temporarily dead Okami while Rufus. The other half of this amazing Supernatural duo puts the machine on their wish list for Hanukkah.

A true genius

“Family does not end in blood.”

This quote proves that Bobby’s level of genius is not only academic but also emotional intelligence. As someone who has lost more than his fair share, Bobby knows how to appreciate family in all its forms – from orphan hunters to wayward angels.

This beloved Bobby quote is one of the series best family quotes and epitomizes the entire series. Not only has this amazing quote led to a slew of tattoos, books, and fan art, but it also helps Sam and Dean realize they’re not alone. They will always have Bobby by their side and help them redefine “family”.

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