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With the release of Hellraiser, a reimagining of Clive Barker’s 1987 classic, there’s never been a better time to celebrate cenobites, existential horror and the latest in latex fashion. The staple of the horror genre has already released more than half a dozen films as part of its long-running franchise, each one becoming more memorable than the next thanks to a healthy dose of self-mockery and self-referential humor. .

While later films under the Hellraiser banner have strayed from the original’s themes and entered into self-parody territory, Hellraiser is a return to its heart-pounding roots, but there’s still something of a bit flippant about Pinhead and the gang, as these hilarious memes can attest to.

The Hellraiser puzzle box is so much more than a Rubix cube

Hellraiser’s famous puzzle box, one of the most iconic horror props in movie history, promises to reveal untold delights from another dimension to its owner. All they have to do is be able to solve it, and the mysteries of the afterlife are theirs, but that’s not always what they hope for.

Let’s just say, if this is a movie prop that fans would love to own, they should be prepared for what’s inside. The puzzle box, like Pandora’s box, represents the repercussions visited upon someone who is only interested in fulfilling their own desires at the expense of their own safety, a truth they discover too late.

Hellraiser Fans Come In All Shapes

Hellraiser fans are intrigued by the film (and its sequels) for a variety of reasons; its philosophical undertone, gruesome visual effects, and biting humor, which help it stand out from other contemporary horror franchises.

This Hellraiser meme is inspired by Hellbound: Hellraiser II, which was made just one year after the release of the original movie. Picking up where her predecessor left off, Kristy finds herself in a psych ward after knowing the Cenobites, but relives the horror when her doctor frees the Cenobites again and resuscitates her stepmother.

Seinfeld and Hellraiser ask deep questions

One of the most revered aspects of Hellraiser is its undercurrent of existential horror and philosophical dread, especially around Pinhead’s dialogue. One of Pinhead’s most iconic quotes includes; “Ah, the pain. The sweet, sweet suffering. »

This meme features Pinhead if played by Jerry Seinfeld, turning the iconic line into one of Seinfeld’s rants about nothing. Seinfeld may be a show about nothing, but Hellraiser is a show about everything; morality, responsibility and the human condition.

Not All Hellraiser Movies Are The Same

Barker’s original Hellraiser, based on his short story The Hellbound Heart written in 1986, is widely considered the best entry in the franchise. As a horror villain from a book, Pinhead left an even more visceral impression once audiences got to see him on screen.

As time went on and the series grew, Pinhead and his explorers of the furthest realms of experience seemed increasingly low-budget. Barker drifted in and out of involvement accordingly, and later films are generally considered the worst (especially those that don’t include original Pinhead actor Doug Bradley).

Not All Cenobites Are Created Equal

When the Leviathan creates a new cenobite, it is a crude and painful process. Human souls who are taken into the maze and face the god of flesh are tortured and mutilated until they are “some angels, others demons”, but barely look like themselves .

This meme pokes fun at some of Leviathan’s less effective designs, including a Cenobite named “Spike” that never made it into Hellraiser: Deader. Over the years, there have been many incredibly creepy Cenobites, along with many other models that never made it into the film series. The apparent creativity in prosthetic design is still one of the most terrifying of all horror series.

Hellraiser shows victims the worst that can happen

The newer Hellraiser may have changed the look of the original movie’s puzzle box, but that doesn’t make the effects of opening it any more deadly. An updated look refreshes the franchise and capitalizes on the inventive visuals that have always characterized the franchise.

Using the Lament setup as part of a one-word motivational poster, this Hellraiser meme is hilarious as it turns the eventual horror of solving the puzzle box into something positive to aspire to.

Kramer solves the Hellraiser puzzle box

Although there are plenty of innocent people who have accidentally solved the Lament setup, its “sites” are usually reserved for the selfish and depraved who want to unlock them on purpose. Pinhead and the rest of the Cenobites have their own sense of fair play when it comes to passing judgment on others.

Using a popular meme format involving Jerry wondering why Kramer has a bright neon red light emanating from his room, it makes sense that Seinfeld’s boldest and most open-minded character will solve the puzzle box and join the cenobites. It wouldn’t be the first of Kramer’s wackiest pastimes to have him screaming “Oh mom!” »

Hellraiser has a unique style

Hellraiser has always had a distinct visual style that sets it apart from its contemporaries, especially in the 80s when fetish cenobites had a lot of shock value. Even though their appearance has become less taboo, it’s still a franchise that can be recognized by its villains alone.

The extreme look of the Cenobites partly comes from Barker’s book in which they are heavily sexualized and being so removed from humanity that they could not distinguish pain from pleasure. Special features on the Hellraiser DVD reveal that Barker wanted “disgusting glamour” inspired by Catholicism, punk street fashion and BDSM clubs.

Hellraiser has always pushed the boundaries of what is socially acceptable

Since its initial release, Hellraiser has always pushed the boundaries of what is considered socially acceptable. Its candor has made fans uncomfortable for decades, in part because of its explicit gore and the pseudo-erotic visuals that give Cenobites their memorable appearance.

In comparison, series like 50 Shades of Gray seem very small, but they are important nonetheless. There will always be viewers who gravitate to this kind of material because it’s what they like or because they’re curious to see if they will, which exemplifies the “forbidden” allure of Hellraiser. and the “views” it promises.

Hellraiser gets new fans all the time

With the release of the new Hellraiser, curious viewers might experience the franchise for the very first time. In addition to what promises to be a feast for the senses, it could also lead them to watch the previous films, allowing them to appreciate the lore and the world Barker built.

As with many long-running horror franchises like Halloween or Nightmare on Elm Street, new ideas (and fresh blood) become the lifeblood that keeps them going. Sometimes new perspectives on an old story guarantee that it will continue to gain fans (and victims) for years to come.


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