10 Huge Clichés In Every Christmas Movie

They’re romantic, cutesy, ridiculous, infuriating and tight-knit, but you have to admit, they’re also terribly heartwarming. No matter how much we want to hate them, Christmas movies always end up bamboozling us, despite a scenario fed by a long list of clichés, which never stops growing…

The characters are always dressed in red and green

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On the color wheel, it is true that red and green are complementary colors. However, people bold enough to dare this spicy combination are generally quite rare. It therefore seems unlikely to think that all the different characters in the same film are ready to sacrifice their best looks to dress like elves. However, in the Christmas feature films, the wardrobes seem to have been entirely designed based on garnet and pine green, for a dubious result which simply allows you to adjust the colors of your television.

One of the two heroes hates Christmas


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In life, the end-of-year celebrations reveal two types of people: the Christmas lovers, who are enthusiastic about the smallest snowflake and adore the decorations and the others, commonly called the Grinch. The screenwriters are then happy to put these two genres in opposition by following the story of a duo, formed by a playful soul and a cynical grump. In general, the hero who does not like December celebrations lost his parents during a traumatic event and has since taken a dislike to these moments of sharing and family. It is then up to his or her accomplice on screen to make him rediscover the magic of Christmas and all the miracles it contains.

There is always a child smarter than the adults


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If the two main characters struggle to realize the attraction they feel for each other, there is fortunately always someone to point it out to them. This someone usually takes on the appearance of a child, who knows a lot more about love than adults. This little being full of dreams and hope then gives them a real life lesson in order to open their eyes to the happiness that is currently knocking at their door. What to offer a vision candid and full of sweetness to a romance which did not however lack naivety at the origin.

One of the two heroes is a writer or a journalist

love at first sight-at-santa-claus

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The art of mastering language and words obviously makes more than one dream, since the hero or heroine of a Christmas film is often given the job of author or journalist. The Bride of the Snows, Love at first sight with Father Christmas, A ring for Christmas, Love Hard or The Christmas Diary are no exception to the rule, since they highlight reporters and writers. Typically sensitive, romantic and witty characters, who then manage to produce their best work drawing inspiration from their Christmas experience.

Characters are volunteering in charities


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End of year celebrations oblige, characters Christmas films always show generosity and solidarity by participating in charitable works. Some help in the kitchen to feed the poorest, others bring toys to orphan children or raise funds to distribute gifts. Anyway, the heroes are always full of good feelings and then multiply the charitable actions to prove it to us.

The heroes listen to a choir sing

love hard

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Who says Christmas, says Christmas carols! The characters therefore always spend a few minutes listening to a choir in the street or in a church, smiling at the angels. A moment of bliss where everyone seems to be on their little cloud.

One of the heroes has a special Christmas tradition


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While one of the characters hates the end of year celebrations, the second often has an original Christmas tradition to share. We must therefore expect a contest of gingerbread houses, a wacky Christmas tree decoration or even a snowy walk, which will help to forge links between the two protagonists. And don’t lie to us, these little family moments know how to soften us perfectly and sometimes even give us some new ideas to liven up our own New Year’s Eve parties.

The duo find themselves stuck in a hotel where only one room is available


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Blame the blizzard, the storm or a lack of gas, but the two heroes always find themselves forced to go to sleep in a country hotel, which is almost full. There is therefore generally only one room left, which the protagonists are obliged to share despite their reluctance. This unexpected evening therefore often turns into a beautiful night of love, which will then bring its share of worries and doubts to the characters.

The Christmas market in the spotlight


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Whether they love the holidays or run away from them, the characters inevitably end up going to the Christmas market, where they buy a pretty tree, garlands or simply have a glass of mulled wine. The opportunity to film adorable sequences in the middle of chalets, lights and, if the weather wants it, snowflakes.

A Christmas miracle occurs at the end of the film


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Anguished by money, work or personal problems, the protagonists find themselves freed from all their stress when a Christmas miracle intervenes to help them. Sometimes it’s a coincidence, sometimes a touch of magic, but one thing is certain: this good news is linked to the effervescence and beauty of the end-of-year celebrations. This extraordinary and positive force falls on the characters, in order to offer them the joy and the relief necessary to start the new year on the right foot.

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10 Huge Clichés In Every Christmas Movie

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